Internet Marketing Trouble? You Might Need A Kick In The Butt!

I read a blog post recently from a well-known marketer and one of the comments was from someone who shall remain nameless. That person started a list of what new people need, and it included something that… automatically puts the correct keywords in a web page with the right density automatically submits all pages to the right search engines automatically … Read More

What I’ve Been Waiting For

It might sound kind of weird because I created the product, but Instant Video Web Pages is the tool I’ve been waiting for. As I was playing around with the Template Editor this afternoon I realized a lot of the other tools I’ve created were just practice for IVWP. Here’s why… While the primary purpose of Instant Video Web Pages … Read More

New Look, Oh Baby!

I just spent the last 8-10 days working too many hours every day, but I added three VERY cool features to Instant Video Web Pages, plus… …I gave it a complete makeover. Before, it was functional and okay. Now it’s functional and COOL! Here’s a very quick video that will show you what it looks like on the inside…

The Pros and Cons of Video Marketing

Video marketing isn’t the practice of trying to market and sell videos, it’s using video to promote a product or service. Just like article marketing has you writing an article that’s designed to sell a product, video marketing works the same way. You record a video on a given topic and if people want more information, you give them a … Read More

Instant Video Web Pages

What if putting up a video opt-in page, or video sales letter, or video postcard… …was as easy as: Step 1. Upload your video file. Step 2. Fill in two form fields. With Instant Video Web Pages it IS that easy! Take 8 minutes right now and  see what you’re missing! This is my newest product and I’m more excited … Read More

Served 400,698 Times

That’s how many videos have been served up by Sonic Flix so far. And Sonic Memo Express has served up 1,688,109 audio files. Those are two of the tools inside Sonic Toolkit — and I hate to even put up a link because the sales letter just sucks. That’s why I don’t promote STK very much — because I know … Read More

The Power of a Nobody in Internet Marketing

Recently I split-tested an opt-in page to see whether a testimonial would help increase conversions. Sidebar: In a nutshell, split-testing is when you split the traffic in two (or more) parts and send them to different web pages. Each one is typically the same with just a single difference. Then you keep track of which web page brings in the … Read More

Free Conference Call

If you’re interested in talking about article marketing, internet marketing, or have tech support questions about my products, join me on a free conference call every Saturday: Day: Saturday Time: 10AM Alaska Time, 11AM Pacific Time, 2PM Eastern Time Conference Dial-In: 1-218-862-1300 Conference Code: 365046 I’ll be on the line for up to an hour and it’s very informal. Ask … Read More

New Flycatcher Video

Just posted a new Sonic Flycatcher video for those people who’ve never seen it: It’s only about 3 minutes in length and might give you some good ideas — take a look!

Quick Tip For Your Links

If you’ve been around me for more than a few minutes you probably already know I’m a big proponent of cloaking your links. Not necessarily to slow down link-hijackers — that’s just a fringe benefit. The main reason is so you can know where your traffic is coming from. Plus, by cloaking your links you are able to change the … Read More