The Pros and Cons of Video Marketing

Video marketing isn’t the practice of trying to market and sell videos, it’s using video to promote a product or service. Just like article marketing has you writing an article that’s designed to sell a product, video marketing works the same way.

You record a video on a given topic and if people want more information, you give them a web page link where they can find out more, or purchase the product.

Most people think it’s easier to write a blurb about a product than to shoot some video, but there are some big reasons why video marketing should be a much used tool in your marketing efforts. Let’s look at just two of them:

1. It’s quickly becoming a world of video. While audio and print aren’t going away, more and more people are turning to video, not only for entertainment, but also for information. In fact, more and more online retailers are using video to help sell items, and studies show those people who watch the videos are more likely to buy.

While video isn’t a requirement, folks are starting to expect video on a site and if it’s not there, they may wonder why.

2. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? There are many cases where a 1-2 minute video can cover more ground than a full page article. If you’re thinking of buying something, would you rather see a video of what it looks like and does, or read a description of it?

The same goes for tutorial, or informational videos. Tying to teach someone to hold a tennis racket correctly can be done using video far faster than trying to explain it using text.

Okay, if video is so good, why isn’t everybody using it? While there are many reasons, I think it usually boils down to one of these two:

1. Making videos requires _______. You can fill in that blank with many things, from “expensive equipment,” to “specialized training,” to “too much time.” But all of those are just excuses, none of them are true. You can create screencast videos (recordings of your computer screen) using free software. You can learn how to do that in a couple evenings, and once you’ve demolished that learning curve, you can crank out a good video in less time than it takes to write a decent article.

2. Putting video online is too hard – I’m not technical. While it’s true that being a technical geek can be helpful, there are copy-and-paste templates available that make putting video online very quick and easy. And once again, after you learn it one time, you’re set for life.

Video marketing has been proven to increase sales and sign-ups and if you’re not using it for your internet marketing business, you’re losing out on profits that could be going into your pockets.

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