First “Game” Coding Since Whenever

While I still program for a living, I stopped doing game development a couple years ago. But yesterday I fired up Solar2D (previously known as Corona SDK) and wrote a few lines of code to play around with the idea of a Quilt Block Shuffler (QBS). (So it wasn’t a game per se, but I was using a solid game … Read More

Beating the Ego

I hear people say all the time, “I want to be a game developer! What do I need to do?” My answer is always the same — if you want to be a game developer, make a game! You don’t need permission from anybody, and the information on how to do it is out there. And don’t worry if your … Read More

Engines and Frameworks for 2D Game Development

For my English 212 class I had to create a Product Analysis Report. I decided to do something based on a question I get almost weekly: Unity or Corona SDK? Those of you who know me best might find yourself flabbergasted at my conclusion (please don’t hate me!)… Engines and Frameworks for 2D Game Development — PDF

Three Ring Ranch: The 4P’s

Three Ring Ranch 4 P’s Place: Online business, which saves on inventory, rent, etc. Products: Video tutorials that are aimed at beginning game developers. Pricing: Competitive with similar offerings; price testing often. Promotion: Focused on social media. Single worst P of the bunch. Of the 4 P’s for Three Ring Ranch (TRR), the place is the easiest one to talk about because TRR is … Read More

The Great Wordini

A few weeks ago I thought I needed to work on a game using Unity so I’d get up to speed faster and came up with an idea I hadn’t seen before — an endless runner crossed with a word game. While the gameplay has changed a bit since that first idea, Wordini (working title) still has that theme — … Read More

CS A109 Intro to Game Dev with Javascript

The 2015 Spring Semester at Mat-Su Central College starts tomorrow and my first class is Spanish 102 at 5PM. But I actually started my semester earlier today. About a week ago I was able to get into a Computer Science class called Introduction to Game Development with Javascript. It was full by the time I found out about it in … Read More

Added Unity 2D Tutorials to GDN – Guess When?

Take a look at the stats below and try to guess when I added Unity 2D game development tutorials to the site? I’ll give you a hint, because it’s subtle — look toward the last of the graph. 😉 I’ll be doing more Unity tutorials after the first of the year — have to get some other projects finished … Read More

New Unity 2D Game Tutorial Videos

The last couple years I’ve been developing games and tutorials with Corona SDK but I’m always on the lookout for new cool tools. Unity has been around for a long time but I was never really interested in it because it focused on making 3D games — and I don’t really care about those. But when version 4.3 was released … Read More

Poked at Javascript or PHP? Want to Try Game Development?

I have a “Crash Course” video tutorial in game development using Corona SDK (a 2D mobile framework) that’s hosted on Udemy: Game Development Crash Course The course is free and even better, can be done using the free trial version of Corona SDK. This is for beginners, but I assume you’ve played around with programming at some point, maybe with … Read More

Game Development for Homeschoolers

It doesn’t matter whether a kid is in public school or whether he or she is homeschooled — almost every kid loves computer games. And there’s a certain percentage of those who not only want to play video games, but they want to make them, too. With the game engines available today that’s completely possible to do at home — … Read More