Saddle Up

Drew this while waiting for my Deep Sea Match Game to compile. Yeah, he’s really really simple, but I like him. And I’m out of time, so…

Carefree Teen (Retro Book)

Earlier today I played around with drawing different kinds of fish based on what I did last night, but tonight decided to go back to the human species. I think tomorrow I will go whole hog and draw a complete body and not just a head. 🙂

Wet and Wild

From the retro book. Only one because it’s 4am. Yes, while technically it’s tomorrow, my days don’t end at midnight, so as long as I draw something before I go to bed, I’m still good. (But I do reset the dates on these posts so they show the (in)correct calendar day.)

Don’t Look Now

So weird, my pencil felt awkward while drawing, and then when I went to erase the pencil marks after inking, the ink started smearing. WTF? Turns out I had been drawing on the inside front cover, not on one of the pieces of paper. It has a slick coding, so the ink wasn’t drying. I’m assuming a real artist would … Read More

I’m Gonna Tell

Honestly, the only reason I’m continuing to put these up here is because if I ever become a famous artist these will be worth lots of money. I believe I’ve come to the conclusion that  drawing anything is hard. Even cute little cartoons with less than a dozen lines. Just to be thorough, the one on the left was done … Read More

We Three Trees

Really late trip to Anchorage means I didn’t really think about drawing today. So here’s just a quick five-minute sketch of some Alaskan trees. I will be back to cartooning tomorrow, I’m pretty sure. 🙂

Ponytail Girl

I think for the next week or so I am just going to try and copy some of the drawings in the retro cartoon book that I have. I’m also going to move to a table after this. Until now I’ve just been holding the sketchpad in my hands, and I think I might do a little better if I … Read More

Circoodles (Circles & Doodles) – Day 7

I thought if I drew 100 circles I would get really good at it. But I just got bored really fast and switched to ovals. And got bored with that. So then I just doodled. I’m pretty sure that tomorrow all of my artistic talent will burst forth in full bloom. Pretty sure.

Eye See You

I just decided to play around with some cartoon eyes tonight. I finally got a copy of the retro cartoon book that I had been missing for the last two or three eons, and I’m going to start going through that. Also, as suggested by Lesley, I’m going to be drawing a bunch of circles and ovals starting tomorrow. Of course, … Read More