4 Year Update on It’s a Tumor

A year after I wrote that I’d been clear of bladder cancer for two years, the annual cystoscopy found another tumor. (And wasn’t I glad that I’d decided an annual look-and-see would be a good idea!) The surgery was scheduled for the first week in February, 2023. While the surgery went well, the tumor they cut out turned out to … Read More

2 Year Update on It’s A Tumor

In the spring of 2019 I peed blood for a few days. (Okay, there was urine in there, too, but you know what I mean.) In the fall of that year I had a cystoscopy — a scope was forced through my urethra and into my bladder for a look see. They doc saw a tumor. A month or so … Read More

Jay Pivots

Warning: This is really just a bunch of blather without much point. I’m just documenting stuff so… well, not sure why, exactly. I guess this is more of a “Dear Diary…” kind of thing. 🙂 Just as a favor to me, please don’t do a search on here for posts in the last 20 years where I’ve talked about getting … Read More

Update on It’s A Tumor

Late September I had a bladder tumor removed. It had gotten into the muscle wall, but just barely and the Dr is pretty sure they got it all. Late December 2019 I had my first cystoscopy checkup and it all looked good. Late June 2020 I had another cystoscopy and it looked good, too. In this case, no news is … Read More

It’s a Tumor

Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop when he’s saying, “It’s not a toomah!” Only this time he’s saying, “It’s a toomah!” Last Tuesday I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Okay, the doctor never used the C-word, but did say he found a tumor and has me scheduled for surgery Monday the 23rd along with a dose of chemotherapy (psst! that’s … Read More

I Hate Shooters – I Love PUBG

I’ve never liked first-person shooters — not from a “too much killing” standpoint (crap, what does that say about me?!), but from a standpoint of just not finding them to be much fun. However, a couple years ago when Tom started playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) I started watching him play and discovered it was really compelling. For those who aren’t … Read More

Jay’s Complete 2015 Reading List

These are the books I finished reading during 2015. Yes, I’m kind of embarrassed. I’m turning over a new leaf for 2016 — read less! Highlights for me included discovering Robin Hobbs and Michael Connelly, and rediscovering Wilbur Smith. January 2015 False Dawn (Jake Lassiter #3) by Paul Levine Starship’s Mage: Omnibus by Glynn Stewart First to Kill by Andrew Peterson … Read More

December 2015 Reading List

Here are the books I finished during the month of December, 2015. I never read the Harry Potter books before, so I decided to do that now — the first one hit in December. I’m getting them in digital format from the library, so most of them are on hold and it will probably be a few weeks between each … Read More

November 2015 Reading List

Here are the books I finished during the month of November, 2016. It’s more sparse than many months because school was heating up and I was getting ready for finals, etc. I’ve read The Postman maybe a couple times before, but it was still a great read. And Great North Road by Hamilton was a pleasant surprise — stumbled across … Read More

October 2015 Reading List

Here are the books I finished during the month of October, 2015. I liked Armada better than I expected (based on Amazon reviews), but Cline’s Ready Player One is just too good. Sucks for him that he wrote his best work, first. 😉 Seeing this list made me realize I haven’t read the last book in The Passage Trilogy — … Read More