Tech Guy Jay Is Hanging Up His Sites (Mostly)

I’m shifting gears and trying to get out of the “host it myself” mindset. Since I’m a tech guy, I’ve had literally dozens of web sites over the years, dedicated servers, shared hosting, etc., but with my recent health issues I’ve wondered, what would happen to everything if I dropped dead? Leaving Wanda to try and figure it all out … Read More

New Course: Numerology Readings for Mystery Performers

I’m finally ready to launch my new course, Numerology Readings Made Easy. This is an online video course that shows how to give Lo Shu numerology readings, and while the first sales page is obviously aimed at mystery performers (magicians, mentalists, etc.), the course itself is “agnostic.” At some point I’ll create a more generic version of the sales page … Read More

First “Game” Coding Since Whenever

While I still program for a living, I stopped doing game development a couple years ago. But yesterday I fired up Solar2D (previously known as Corona SDK) and wrote a few lines of code to play around with the idea of a Quilt Block Shuffler (QBS). (So it wasn’t a game per se, but I was using a solid game … Read More

New Course Launch in < 60 Days

I have the core videos done for the video version of the book, Speed Learning Numerology by Julian Moore. recorded, edited, and uploaded to the new site. All that are left are some of the bonus videos and the copywriting for emails and the launch site. I’ve been poking at this project for about a year but it wasn’t until … Read More

Want To Launch A Product? You Need This…

Jeff Walker KNOWS what he’s talking about when it comes to launching a product or service online. If you’re someone who makes and sells stuff you should at least watch his free training series – he gives away so much GOOD knowledge it will be worth your time: Product Launch Formula Masterclass Videos That’s my affiliate link just in case … Read More

Free Copywriting Videos

I’m telling you about this when it’s already half over, but better late than never? Videos are posted every day during this event — free lectures talking about copywriting for the health niche. However, many of the videos I’ve seen are *not* health-genre specific, so it’s great info for anyone who does copywriting for clients (or themselves). This is … Read More

Lo Shu Deck is the LSD I mentioned…

Many moons ago I hinted about a new product I was coming out with. It’s been created and some people are using it — I’m hoping for an actual launch around the end of November (just in time for Christmas!). LSD stands for the Lo Shu Deck, a deck of cards used to give numerology readings. It makes learning numerology … Read More

Mentalism Mastermind Re-Start

In September 2018 I posted a message on The Magic Cafe asking if anybody wanted to get together on a regular basis as part of a “mastermind group” to discuss mentalism and bounce ideas off each other. A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group … Read More

Back to Online Marketing

Fifteen years ago I made my living selling ecommerce tools and creating tutorials on how to sell stuff on the internet with online marketing. Several years ago I switched gears and turned my focus to 2D game development and making game tutorials. A year and a half ago when I was diagnosed with cancer I pivoted and started poking at … Read More

Show vs Business

Probably the worst piece of advice I received when I started performing professionally was, “Do a good show and word of mouth will keep the bookings coming.” I had a good show (and still have a stack of testimonials as proof) but within a few years I burned out and gave up — I was barely making an existence, much … Read More