Show vs Business

Probably the worst piece of advice I received when I started performing professionally was, “Do a good show and word of mouth will keep the bookings coming.” I had a good show (and still have a stack of testimonials as proof) but within a few years I burned out and gave up — I was barely making an existence, much … Read More

Jay Pivots

Warning: This is really just a bunch of blather without much point. I’m just documenting stuff so… well, not sure why, exactly. I guess this is more of a “Dear Diary…” kind of thing. 🙂 Just as a favor to me, please don’t do a search on here for posts in the last 20 years where I’ve talked about getting … Read More

5 Tips For Creating Better YouTube Videos

I’ve created literally hundreds of tutorial videos over the last 15 years and while they’re not all perfect, here are some of the biggest mistakes I see in tutorial videos. 1. So much chit-chat. If your channel is a talk show, then go ahead and chit-chat. But if your videos are supposed to be how-to, then STFU about what you … Read More

(Mostly) New iOS Game Released

If you have an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) download my free game, Chasy Maze: It’s an arcade-type game that was inspired by an article I read about how Pac-Man works under the hood. It made me want to do a similar style game and Chasy Maze is the result! While the game was actually created in 2017, in … Read More

Cold Brew – My Only Coffee Source

Our Keurig machine bit the dust several weeks ago, but I’m in no hurry to replace it. For the last few months we’ve been making cold brew coffee at home and love it! I quit caffeine a few months ago so I use ground No Fun Jo decaf coffee. (No, I don’t grind my own beans; I’m not that much … Read More

Update on It’s A Tumor

Late September I had a bladder tumor removed. It had gotten into the muscle wall, but just barely and the Dr is pretty sure they got it all. Late December 2019 I had my first cystoscopy checkup and it all looked good. Late June 2020 I had another cystoscopy and it looked good, too. In this case, no news is … Read More

It’s a Tumor

Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop when he’s saying, “It’s not a toomah!” Only this time he’s saying, “It’s a toomah!” Last Tuesday I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Okay, the doctor never used the C-word, but did say he found a tumor and has me scheduled for surgery Monday the 23rd along with a dose of chemotherapy (psst! that’s … Read More

When Audio Was Boss

I just stumbled across a dozen promos I created back in 2007 for a (now defunct) company called Deal Dot Com. They wanted to do short daily promo podcasts (about 2-mins each) and asked me to create a couple weeks worth. They really liked them, but we couldn’t come to an agreement on price so the project was bagged. But … Read More

I Hate Shooters – I Love PUBG

I’ve never liked first-person shooters — not from a “too much killing” standpoint (crap, what does that say about me?!), but from a standpoint of just not finding them to be much fun. However, a couple years ago when Tom started playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) I started watching him play and discovered it was really compelling. For those who aren’t … Read More

Saddle Up

Drew this while waiting for my Deep Sea Match Game to compile. Yeah, he’s really really simple, but I like him. And I’m out of time, so…