5 Tips For Creating Better YouTube Videos

I’ve created literally hundreds of tutorial videos over the last 15 years and while they’re not all perfect, here are some of the biggest mistakes I see in tutorial videos. 1. So much chit-chat. If your channel is a talk show, then go ahead and chit-chat. But if your videos are supposed to be how-to, then STFU about what you … Read More

(Mostly) New iOS Game Released

If you have an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) download my free game, Chasy Maze: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chasy-maze/id1139444245 It’s an arcade-type game that was inspired by an article I read about how Pac-Man works under the hood. It made me want to do a similar style game and Chasy Maze is the result! While the game was actually created in 2017, in … Read More

Cold Brew – My Only Coffee Source

Our Keurig machine bit the dust several weeks ago, but I’m in no hurry to replace it. For the last few months we’ve been making cold brew coffee at home and love it! I quit caffeine a few months ago so I use ground No Fun Jo decaf coffee. (No, I don’t grind my own beans; I’m not that much … Read More

When Audio Was Boss

I just stumbled across a dozen promos I created back in 2007 for a (now defunct) company called Deal Dot Com. They wanted to do short daily promo podcasts (about 2-mins each) and asked me to create a couple weeks worth. They really liked them, but we couldn’t come to an agreement on price so the project was bagged. But … Read More

Saddle Up

Drew this while waiting for my Deep Sea Match Game to compile. Yeah, he’s really really simple, but I like him. And I’m out of time, so…

Carefree Teen (Retro Book)

Earlier today I played around with drawing different kinds of fish based on what I did last night, but tonight decided to go back to the human species. I think tomorrow I will go whole hog and draw a complete body and not just a head. 🙂

Wet and Wild

From the retro book. Only one because it’s 4am. Yes, while technically it’s tomorrow, my days don’t end at midnight, so as long as I draw something before I go to bed, I’m still good. (But I do reset the dates on these posts so they show the (in)correct calendar day.)

Don’t Look Now

So weird, my pencil felt awkward while drawing, and then when I went to erase the pencil marks after inking, the ink started smearing. WTF? Turns out I had been drawing on the inside front cover, not on one of the pieces of paper. It has a slick coding, so the ink wasn’t drying. I’m assuming a real artist would … Read More

I’m Gonna Tell

Honestly, the only reason I’m continuing to put these up here is because if I ever become a famous artist these will be worth lots of money. I believe I’ve come to the conclusion that  drawing anything is hard. Even cute little cartoons with less than a dozen lines. Just to be thorough, the one on the left was done … Read More