Lo Shu Deck is the LSD I mentioned…

Many moons ago I hinted about a new product I was coming out with. It’s been created and some people are using it — I’m hoping for an actual launch around the end of November (just in time for Christmas!).

LSD stands for the Lo Shu Deck, a deck of cards used to give numerology readings. It makes learning numerology much faster and creates a nice sense of ceremony for the reading that just pen and paper doesn’t give you.

Sidebar about Readings and Christians

I’m friends with, and related to, many people who think Christians (of which I am one) shouldn’t do readings because it messes with the supernatural. I look at numerology readings the same way I look at Myers-Briggs “readings” — and I know of churches who use Myers-Briggs tests in their classes, so probably not any supernatural there. The only supernatural in numerology is what you place there. If the number 3 means Expansion (by common acceptance), then where does the supernatural come into play? (Spoiler: It doesn’t.)

The Bible says don’t talk to the dead — numerology doesn’t even glance that way. And the Bible says not to do fortune-telling. Numerology doesn’t do that any more than someone knowing that walking through a busy intersection without looking will be a bad thing — that’s not furtune-telling. Could someone say they’re going to tell a fortune with numerology? Yep. But I also know of a guy who tells fortunes by looking at belly buttons. That doesn’t mean you should cut yours out because it’s of the occult.

The Lo Shu Deck

The deck is comprised of 25 cards showing the number meanings and arrow meanings in a Lo Shu magic square reading. (Plus, a few miscellaneous cards.) I created the deck as a set of flash cards to help me remember what the numbers and patterns of Lo Shu mean, and then realized they could actually be used as part of the reading.

And that meant a person could start giving readings much sooner than normal, because the cards act kind of alike a “cheat sheet” for remembering what things mean.

Over the summer I mentioned the deck a couple places and sold a dozen or so — now I’m gearing up to try and do a decent size launch and get the word out there. Hoping for a launch the last part of November, 2021.

I’ve had a lot of fun giving readings to people — and have even done a bunch via video since things aren’t really back to normal yet.

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