Tech Guy Jay Is Hanging Up His Sites (Mostly)

I’m shifting gears and trying to get out of the “host it myself” mindset. Since I’m a tech guy, I’ve had literally dozens of web sites over the years, dedicated servers, shared hosting, etc., but with my recent health issues I’ve wondered, what would happen to everything if I dropped dead?

Leaving Wanda to try and figure it all out would be a horrible thing to saddle her with, so between now and then (where “then” is hopefully many years from now!) I’m going to pare down on my own sites. For example, I now have things for sale on Gumroad and, and don’t plan on hosting anything like a shopping cart myself, ever again. If Wanda had to, she could shut down those two sites and all the sales stuff just stops.

While this blog may stay for a while, I’m now starting to use Substack for the things I write about magic and mentalism. You can see the beginnings of that here:

If something happened to me, Wanda could just let that sit around for however long — it’s being run by someone else, so she wouldn’t ever have to think about it. 🙂

I may move some of my other writings to other Substack sites, too. Today, it’s so easy to get stuff hosted for free and never worry about the tech side of things.

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