New Course Launch in < 60 Days

I have the core videos done for the video version of the book, Speed Learning Numerology by Julian Moore. recorded, edited, and uploaded to the new site. All that are left are some of the bonus videos and the copywriting for emails and the launch site.

I’ve been poking at this project for about a year but it wasn’t until a couple months ago that I got everything together and powered through doing all the recording and editing. I can’t wait until it’s ready to launch!

The course is for people who want to give numerology readings and initially I’m aiming at mystery performers such as magicians and mentalists since I know how to reach that group. But I know there are a lot more non-performers out there so figuring out how to attract those people will be my next task.

I don’t look at numerology readings as “spiritual” things — I look at them as similar to Myers-Briggs tests. But more fun. It’s like a personality test, not fortune-telling. If I were to lean into the spiritual aspect of numerology I know I’d be able to reach a lot more people, but for me that would be morally wrong. So I’ll focus on performers and people who want a “fun thing to do at parties” and call it good.

If you’d like to know when the course is launched, go to and enter your email address. You’ll also get immediate access to a quick mini-course showing you the basics of giving a Lo Shu numerology reading.

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