Free Copywriting Videos

I’m telling you about this when it’s already half over, but better late than never?

Videos are posted every day during this event — free lectures talking about copywriting for the health niche. However, many of the videos I’ve seen are *not* health-genre specific, so it’s great info for anyone who does copywriting for clients (or themselves).

This is the second time I’ve seen this online event happen, so it will probably come around again — I know if I had something like that and it brought in money I’d do it again and again and again…

How does a free event bring in money? The videos they allow you to watch for free are only available for 24 hours. If you want forever access, you pay $671 $97 for the whole batch. It’s a really good deal so if you go there now and see what you MISSED already, you can still get the lessons from he last couple days. Just not free. 😉

Here’s the link again:

(I’m not an affiliate, just a fan of the info and their process.)

1 The last time they did this the price was $67, but apparently they did well enough they realized they could raise the price. Still a good deal at $97 for copywriters.

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