How to Make It in Saturated Niche Markets

There are some markets that are known money makers — big money makers. And you can recognize most of those niches because of the mammoth companies already parked in those spaces, carving out huge chunks of the market for themselves. Do you really want to compete in the weight loss market against Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or Nutrisystem? How are … Read More

Get Ready for the New Product

Sitting here outside my son’s Civil Air Patrol meeting and finishing up the notes for my latest product. What is it? Well… Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make apps for the iPhone and the new Apple iPad tablet — even if you’re not a programmer? You’ll be able to do that with my new step-by-step video tutorial series … Read More

3 Tips for Creating A Good Screencast

Screen recorders have revolutionized the “how to” market — it’s now very easy to start recording your computer screen and walk through the steps to show how to use a piece of software, build a web site, or even write an article. Those videos are called screencasts (like podcast, but concerning your screen). But if you’ve watched more than a … Read More

Write 100 Articles – Waste of Time?

A programmer/marketer who’s really good at what he does sent out an email Thursday morning that I strongly disagree with. In fact, the word “strongly” doesn’t even come close to the way I feel. is having a contest starting Jan 1 — if you write (and publish on their site) 100 articles in 100 days you’ll win a hat, … Read More

Multimillionaires? Or Doofuses?

I just watched a promo video for something — I’m not sure exactly what since I closed the browser before it was done — that was simply embarrassing. First, I do not think you have to be *perfect* in your audio and videos. If you flub a little bit, or say “um” a few times, it’s not a huge deal. … Read More

A Quick Tip for Teleseminars and Webinars

Everybody involved in ecommerce or internet marketing knows that reusing content is a smart thing to do, and while I pride myself on recycling my material in many different ways, one unique way to do that escaped me until just recently. Before doing a teleseminar about link redirecting for ad tracking purposes, I solicited questions from the people who had … Read More

Disaster Redux

This post is proof I’m not a guru. Because a guru would never make this kind of mistake. And if he or she did, they’d never admit it. But I need someone to share my pain, so here goes… About a week ago I mentioned on my blog that my laptop had to go to the shop — and while … Read More

Why Audio Beats The Pants Off Video

Everybody and their brother is putting video on their sites — one reason is that it’s proven to increase sales. Okay, so there’s obviously a place for video online, but don’t for a MINUTE think you need to shoot video in order to increase your sales, because audio has also been proven to increase sales. But isn’t audio tired and … Read More


Today my laptop died. That’s my primary computer — my development machine. I do make very frequent backups so I should be able to recover everything when it’s fixed, but I will be almost computerless for the next 6-10 days. The Machaus in Wasilla was kind enough to give me a “loaner” machine so I can check my email and … Read More

Kenny Chesney Is Bumming Me Out

It’s finally above zero F here, a balmy 5 degrees, I’m sitting here working on promotions for Article Architect and listening to Kenny Chesney’s album, “Be As You Are.” And the track, “Somewhere In The Sun” is just whacking me upside the head. I didn’t spend a lot of time in the Caribbean last year, but it was enough that … Read More