What I’ve Been Waiting For

It might sound kind of weird because I created the product, but Instant Video Web Pages is the tool I’ve been waiting for. As I was playing around with the Template Editor this afternoon I realized a lot of the other tools I’ve created were just practice for IVWP.

Here’s why…

While the primary purpose of Instant Video Web Pages is to create video sales letters and video opt-in pages, with the addition of the Template Editor I can now very quickly create pages without video. So all those other pages that we need — thank you pages, download pages, etc., can quickly be generated with IVWP.

Honestly, I’m not a stranger to creating web pages — I’ve been doing it since somewhere around 1994. Give me a nickel for every web page I’ve created over the years and I’ll send you a postcard from my yacht in the Caribbean.

But just because I do it doesn’t mean I like spending the time. And that’s why IVWP is such a killer product.

I made it easy enough for nontechnical people to put up video web pages — but it’s also for technical people who don’t have enough time to do everything from scratch.

The official launch of Instant Video Web Pages is coming up around the first of May. Until then I’m upgrading people from the Standard to the Plus plan at no extra charge. But when it launches, that special deal is over.

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