Use the iPhone for Real Work?

If you have an iPhone but think of it more like a gadget than a real work tool, take three minutes and listen to what I discovered — a way to make the iPhone stand right alongside my laptop.

How Joel Comm is a Freakin’ Genius

Not too long ago I unsubscribed from a ton of lists in order to try and get a handle on my email. Every morning I’d wake up to several hundred emails to wade through and I just got tired of it. Now instead of taking an hour to get through the overnights, I can do it in about 10-15 minutes. … Read More

Article Architect 3.0

Work on the next major update to Article Architect is coming along very nicely. I’ve incorporated quite a few features that have been suggested by users, including two very BIG features. In fact, one of those has been the most requested feature since I launched the first version of AA back in 2007, but for one reason or another I … Read More

The Solution to Information Overload – Part 2 of 5

This series is designed to help you make sense of everything that’s thrown at you when you decide to start doing internet marketing. If you look at all of the options available, you’re likely to be paralyzed by information overload and nothing gets done. But by breaking down just the necessary pieces into bite-sized chunks, you should be able to … Read More

The Solution to Information Overload – Part 1 of 5

The idea of an online business is great — no inventory to deal with, no storefront with utility bills and maintenance, and it can be started with no employees and on a shoestring budget. But the biggest problem most people run into when they decide to get into internet marketing, is figuring out what their next step should be. Because … Read More

Video Marketing Made Even Easier (and Cheaper!)

Within the next 7 to 14 days Mike Filsaime and I are going to be announcing some huge changes to Instant Video Web Pages. These changes include new features that will help you create video web pages even faster and easier, and they also include new pricing plans. The pricing plans are very aggressive, and by that I mean cheap! … Read More

Free Webinar: Create Video Promo Pages

Discover how to use Instant Video Web Pages to create promo pages. Promo pages can be used to sell your own product or service, or you can promote a product as an affiliate. Using promo pages is a great way to monetize IVWP!  The webinar is 30 minutes and there will be a Q&A time. Click here for Webinar Registration The … Read More

The Death of Link ‘n Gruven

In less than a month the domain name will expire and I won’t be renewing it. And, seven of the most common spellings for LinkNGruven will also expire. (Most common spellings???) LNG was a product that was born too early. It was a social networking application that was created before anybody knew that social networking was something to look … Read More

Do What You Love

I’m just about done reading a book called, The Instant Millionaire. One concept in it is that as far as a job goes, you really must do something you love. I’ve heard that before, and I can understand it completely — if you love something, it ceases to be “work.” You’d do it even if you had all the money … Read More

New Partnership

It’s not public knowledge yet, but I’m partnering with someone (who you’ve heard of) to bring Instant Video Web Pages into a more visible position online. This is a true Joint Venture — we’re combining his proven marketing expertise and my development skills and IVWP is going to be so much better as a result. The partnership announcement will come … Read More