New Partnership

It’s not public knowledge yet, but I’m partnering with someone (who you’ve heard of) to bring Instant Video Web Pages into a more visible position online.

This is a true Joint Venture — we’re combining his proven marketing expertise and my development skills and IVWP is going to be so much better as a result.

The partnership announcement will come within a week or two, I think, but until then…

…guess who it is and if you’re correct I’ll give you a 50% off coupon code for any of my other products. No limit on winners — even if multiple people guess the right guy. There’s a clue — it’s a he. =:)

You can only guess once, but if you want to change your guess that’s cool — I’ll just look at your last guess.

And, just for guessing I’ll give you a 20% off coupon code — because I’m freakin’ nice, that’s why. =:)

33 Comments on “New Partnership”

  1. I KNEW something was brewing over there in Alaska! I’ve been watching the horizon waiting for the big Storm and here it comes in blizzard form!
    Everything just got too quiet all of a sudden….your 6th sense is never wrong…ever!!

  2. Hmmm…I just realized I can’t really tell you if anyone was right yet because one way or the other that would take some names out of play.

    Jay Jennings

  3. My guess is Jim Edwards. But I have been wrong before.

    IVWP is a great tool – use it all the time. Keep up the good work.


  4. Sheesh, I can’t stand not coming back in here and giving another hint…

    It really depends on how you would “rank” internet marketers, but for most people this guy would be in the top 10 most solidly.

    When I just start rattling off names of the big-wigs this guy just naturally falls into my Top 4 list of internet marketers.

    And yes, some of the people already guessed would fit this “Top 10” clue. Not saying a “yay” or “nay” on any of them, just adding a little more fuel to the fire. =:)

    Jay Jennings

    1. About the same time we announce the new deal I’ll provide links to the new affiliate program.

      Jay Jennings

  5. Jay, My guess would be,

    Mike Stewart the video guy. I will go with Mike as my guess, but then there is Russell Brunson with his marketing.

    Ok, one guess, so I will stay with Mike Stewart.

  6. Hey Great News for Instant Video!!

    What happened to the May articles on Sonic Tool Kit?? Every month the articles get further and further behind. The last articles that were posted were Private Label Rights Materials (Upd Apr 28). Is this anohter case where you are giving articles every month but not twelve times per year?

    Please advise

    Jim Fortune

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