Article Architect 3.0

Work on the next major update to Article Architect is coming along very nicely. I’ve incorporated quite a few features that have been suggested by users, including two very BIG features.

In fact, one of those has been the most requested feature since I launched the first version of AA back in 2007, but for one reason or another I resisted putting it in. But the squeaky wheels are now gonna get greased. =:)

One other big feature is very handy, even if it’s not all that sexy — multiple article windows open at once. Yeah, with the current version of AA you can only work on one article at a time. With v3 you can open as many articles as you want and copy/paste from one to the other, etc.

I still don’t have a launch date for Article Architect v3, but it will probably be right around the beginning of January.

And of course, all current owners will receive a free upgrade, so if you don’t have a copy, get it now and get started organizing all the written content in your online business.

Article Architect

4 Comments on “Article Architect 3.0”

    1. Yes, and no. I have plans for an update later this year, but the AA that comes from that session will be a different beast than the current one. Things like the keyword research section will be gone, probably the Directory section and even the article submitter. I use AA for writing and organizing all kinds of things but the whole “internet marketing” part of AA leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So anything that was aimed at “that crowd” is probably going to get ripped out. (Unless it’s a feature that “normal” people might find handy.)


  1. Hey Jay,

    Any update on your software?
    I know you wrote this last year, and being that we are already in 2013.
    Just wondering what exactly are the future plans for the software.
    Would love to purchase this but wondering again if your still supporting the software.


    1. AA isn’t for sale anymore. I pulled it from the market in the recent past because I don’t know what the plans are for it. Well, I know what the plans are, but I don’t have any kind of timeline for it. I know that when I update it the new version won’t have as much appeal to “internet marketers” and so I don’t have a built-in way to pay for it, so it’s on the back-burner for the time being.

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