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Using the iPhone As A Computer?

Today I read an interesting article called, “What is the Everyman’s PC?” by Ben Brooks.

It’s easy to see why one would argue that the iPad could be better suited for most people than a MacBook Air, but a cellphone? That seems like a stretch, right?

An iPhone is a very cool phone, but a computer? No way.

That may be your initial reaction, but I ran an experiment today…

I paired my iPhone 4S with my wireless Bluetooth keyboard and sat down in my recliner. Then I mirrored my iPhone onto my 42″ HDTV. You can do that if you have one of those little Apple TV boxes hooked up.

Over the next little bit I read and replied to email, browsed some web sites, checked in on Facebook, and wrote an article.

All things most “normal people” do everyday with their computers. But my computer in this case was my iPhone. With the addition of a keyboard and a (giant) monitor I had almost the full computer experience. Enough to see that, for a lot of people, it could be a replacement for an actual computer.

Most people wouldn’t choose to do that, but someone with a limited budget or limited space could do it and probably be pretty happy.

Do your email, check out some web sites, then pop your computer into your pocket and head to the store.

Awesome. 🙂

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One Reason Publishing Companies Should Die

In the olden days a writer needed a publisher in order to get their book in front of their audience. But with Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Kindle and iBook stores, that’s no longer the case.

And while I could argue for their usefulness still, one thing I continue to see makes me hope for the DEATH of publishing houses in the near future…

..if you charge the same price (or even close) for a digital copy of a book as you do for a physical copy, you are ripping people off. But I see that happen over and over again.

And not just on new books, but older ones as well. Here’s a book from the 1990s that’s cheaper if I buy the physical copy — and if I have a Prime membership I even get free shipping:

Amazon com Interface  9780553383430 Neal Stephenson J Frederick George Books

I’ve seen several stories recently about best-selling authors refusing large advances on their next book because they know they can make more selling it themselves. It’ll be nice when more and more authors (and musicians and other artists) do that and tell the publishing houses to take a hike.