Teach Your Computer to Handle the Grunt Work

If there’s one thing I hate it’s monkey work — that stuff that has to be done, but takes all the smarts of a monkey.

If you’re on a Mac take a look at Automator — it’s software that comes on every Mac and is overlooked by 99% of everybody. But it can be your best friend.

Automate your workflow and use the saved time to read a book, play a game, or update your blog. =:)

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Use the iPhone for Real Work?

If you have an iPhone but think of it more like a gadget than a real work tool, take three minutes and listen to what I discovered — a way to make the iPhone stand right alongside my laptop.


Zombies Ate My Poodle

I’m gearing up for National Novel Writing Month where I’ll be writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. You can find more about the “contest” here:

Zombies At My PoodleMy book is called “Zombies Ate My Poodle” and it’s aimed at the 10-12 year old crowd. If you have kids that age who’d like to be “beta readers” sign them up here:

I’ll be releasing at least the first several chapters to the people on that list.

After the book is done I’ll be creating a video game from the story (for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch).

Here’s a synopsis of the book:

Zak is a typical 12-year old homeschooled kid who does street performing with his Mom and Dad.

One night he wakes up to find his parents missing and the empty skull of Jeffrey, the family poodle, on the kitchen table. Zombies have eaten his poodle’s brains and taken his parents for a snack later!

Now Zak must gather his weapons (juggling knives and torches, a bullwhip, etc.) and set off on his unicycle to find the zombies before the brains of his parents are eaten.

While battling the zombie army Zak discovers his parents are now the King and Queen of the zombies — it’s too late!

Isn’t it?

Not while Zak still has a breath in his body and a brain in his skull, it’s not!

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How Joel Comm is a Freakin’ Genius

Not too long ago I unsubscribed from a ton of lists in order to try and get a handle on my email. Every morning I’d wake up to several hundred emails to wade through and I just got tired of it. Now instead of taking an hour to get through the overnights, I can do it in about 10-15 minutes.

One list I stayed on was Joel Comm’s and seeing mention of his “Project Fit” made me remember something I’d pondered over at some point in the past.

The weight loss niche is unlike many others, such as technology and internet marketing, in that while you do see refinements to some methods, the basics haven’t changed in decades (or longer). Which means the weight loss niche is about as evergreen as you can possibly get.

While Joel’s initial reason might have been to get fit, he’s an entrepreneur, which means in most (all?) areas of his life he’s always looking for ways to monetize things. (I don’t know Joel personally, I just know entrepreneurs, so I could be off base.)

If Joel needs to lose xx pounds and documents the process of doing that, he’s creating content that can be used for freakin’ ever. In fact, at some point he could take the year off the blog posts and people discovering it in the year 2016 could think it’s all new.

Joel gets a new bod AND he gets a revenue-generating site that will be relevant until they discover a way to magically zap fat off the body.

He gets in shape one time, and can profit from that next year, and the next, and the next

And, I don’t mean profiting just from the site, I also mean profiting from being healthier.

Not Just Anyone Can Do This

Joel is a marketing stud, which means he has an automatic leg up in any kind of marketing venture. He can get significant traffic to a site just by sending out a single email.

Most people can’t do that.

However, as far as getting in shape and documenting the process, anyone CAN do that. And you’re creating two products at once — a new YOU, and content that shows others how you accomplished it. If you lose 20 pounds, 80 pounds, 200 pounds — whatever you need to lose — and you document the process, do you think other overweight people would be interested in how you did that?

You’d better believe it!

And the cool thing is that if you’re ashamed of how you look now, start documenting the process of getting fit — just don’t put any of it online until you’re down far enough to feel okay about it. You don’t have to let everyone watch it live (although there can be advantages to that), you could wait until you hit your goal and then package everything up as a course.

However you decide to do it, recording the process of getting fit (or really, anything) can mean a better you as well as a great way to generate revenue.

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Article Architect 3.0

Work on the next major update to Article Architect is coming along very nicely. I’ve incorporated quite a few features that have been suggested by users, including two very BIG features.

In fact, one of those has been the most requested feature since I launched the first version of AA back in 2007, but for one reason or another I resisted putting it in. But the squeaky wheels are now gonna get greased. =:)

One other big feature is very handy, even if it’s not all that sexy — multiple article windows open at once. Yeah, with the current version of AA you can only work on one article at a time. With v3 you can open as many articles as you want and copy/paste from one to the other, etc.

I still don’t have a launch date for Article Architect v3, but it will probably be right around the beginning of January.

And of course, all current owners will receive a free upgrade, so if you don’t have a copy, get it now and get started organizing all the written content in your online business.

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