Match Game Magic

My new iPhone, iPod touch, iPad game is available to download from the App Store: Match Game Magic It’s a memory/match game for people who like puzzles — and it’s free, so download it and if you like it, please give me a good rating on the App Store. If you hate it, let’s just keep that a secret between … Read More

New iPhone/iPad Game

I just finished my first iOS game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It’s called Match Game Magic and it’s now sitting behind the scenes waiting for Apple to approve it. That usually takes 7-14 days but you never know when you submit it. Match Game Magic (a memory game) The site is up but the download link leads to … Read More

Make An iPhone Game

Ever wondered how hard it is to make an iPhone game? Here’s a 9-minute video that was created for people just learning the Corona SDK Framework: Corona SDK Tutorial Video It was designed for people who have at least some programming experience so if you don’t know what a “variable” or “function” is you may not be able to follow … Read More

The Number Effect – What It Means To You

Trey Smith is advertising a product called The Number Effect. I don’t know what it is (didn’t finish watching the video) but I was astonished at this bit of data… …he threw traffic at 12,000 Clickbank products and made money on 54 of them. Which means he lost money (or made no money) on 11,946 of them. That says to … Read More

For Technical Marketing Folks

Most of the software I create has been done with a product called REAL Studio (using a language called REALbasic). The reason I chose that product is because it allows me to write code one time and then generate both Mac and Windows applications. See REAL Studio here… I’m a Mac guy, but it’s a Windows world (so far) so … Read More

How To Sell An Ebook For $2,995

Want to know how to sell an ebook for thousands of dollars? Here’s the flip (but correct) answer… Make it worth thousands of dollars. Want to see a 39-page ebook that sells for $995? That’s $25 per page! Check out this site: On that site are ebooks for sale from a “low” of $995 all the way up to … Read More

Keepin’ It Generic

Let’s start by looking at two things we can probably all agree on… Here’s axiom #1 — Unless you’re J.P. Gotrocks and outsource everything, you’re going to spend an awful lot of your time creating content for your internet marketing business. Maybe you’ll do it all from scratch, maybe you’ll use some PLR (private label rights) materials as a base, … Read More