How To Sell An Ebook For $2,995

Want to know how to sell an ebook for thousands of dollars?

Here’s the flip (but correct) answer…

Make it worth thousands of dollars.

Want to see a 39-page ebook that sells for $995? That’s $25 per page! Check out this site:

On that site are ebooks for sale from a “low” of $995 all the way up to $2,995. And I’ll bet you the people who buy them are glad to pay for the information in them.

Most people think of “high ticket products” as big courses with DVDs and 3-ring binders full of information — it has to have that “THUD” when the box hits your doorstep, doesn’t it?

But this is an example of a high-ticket product that doesn’t require inventory, shipping, or anything other than a download link.

The next time you’re thinking of making an ebook, try and come up with some ideas that will put you on a plane above all the $27 and $47 ebooks. There’s information out there that people will pay THOUSANDS of dollars to access.

And if you look at that page you’ll notice most of the products were created by surveying a group of people and collating their answers.

The “author” of the reports wasn’t even an expert, just an asker of questions!

Just some food for thought.

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