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Most of the software I create has been done with a product called REAL Studio (using a language called REALbasic). The reason I chose that product is because it allows me to write code one time and then generate both Mac and Windows applications.

See REAL Studio here…

I’m a Mac guy, but it’s a Windows world (so far) so offering both versions makes sense. REAL Studio makes that fairly simple.

The other language I use a lot is PHP in order to create web-based apps. The nice thing about web apps is they are already cross platform. Plus, it’s a great way to create membership-type sites that can bring in recurring income.

In the last few days the company that makes REAL Studio has announced a couple things that are BIG deals:

1. They’re releasing RS/Web Edition very soon. That will allow developers to create web-based applications that look and act like desktop applications. It will also allow people like me to REUSE code that I’ve already written.

As an example, I’ve wanted a web-based version of Article Architect for a long time but have never wanted to take the time to write the whole thing from scratch in PHP. This new Web Edition will allow me to reuse vast chunks of code that could make a web-based AA a reality.

2. While REAL Software didn’t actually announce an iOS (iPhone/iPad) version of their software, a change in Apple’s rules today got them to the point where they said there are no longer any roadblocks for them in creating such a beast. An iOS version has been the #1 request from their developers for a long time and it looks like it’s actually going to happen.

I think within a year a technical marketer will be able to sit down for a few days or weeks and write software…

..that will run on Windows desktop, Mac desktop, Linux desktop, the web, iPhone, and iPad. And while *nothing* is going to work on multiple platforms like that without some tweaking to the interface, the “engine” to whatever you write will probably work for all those platforms without change.

It’s a cool time to be a programming marketer. =:)

If you’re interested in creating your own software, I highly recommend REAL Software’s stuff. Click here to see it.

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  1. Hey Jay,
    Am so great full for the RealBasic tutorial you have put online on it has really helped me a big boost to start development on the Real Studio IDE platform. I am currently making a school Report card printing software. Once am done i will probably show it off 😀 thanks a lot. Many Blessings

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