The Number Effect – What It Means To You

Trey Smith is advertising a product called The Number Effect. I don’t know what it is (didn’t finish watching the video) but I was astonished at this bit of data…

…he threw traffic at 12,000 Clickbank products and made money on 54 of them.

Which means he lost money (or made no money) on 11,946 of them.

That says to me that promoting a Clickbank product is a huge gamble! How can you send traffic to 12,000 sites and only have 54 profitable???

Are 11,946 products on Clickbank really that bad?

If yes, it is a HUGE opportunity for anyone who can create a product with actual VALUE.

Promoting a product as an affiliate should be an additional income stream for you. Selling your own product should be your first option.

– Text-Based (PDF)
– Audio (MP3 or CD)
– Video (Online or DVD)
– Software (Download or Web-based)

My Product Creation Station course will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know in order to create your own products.

If you’ve been waiting around hoping the “affiliate income” is going to kick in, I’d take Trey’s numbers as a wake-up call and start looking at making your own products. It’s not rocket science anymore.

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