WP Plugin for WLM – Sell Bundles

I created my first WordPress plugin last night. It allows me to sell “bundles” of courses on my MasteringCoronaSDK.com site. WishList Member is an awesome way to handle my membership stuff, but doesn’t have any way to let you sell a bundle of courses at once. So I changed that.

Using their API I dusted off my PHP skillz and created a plugin that allows me to create bundles — I can specify as few or as many courses as I want and when someone buys it, they are added as members to those specific courses.

Besides bundles, it also allows me to add on a course as a bonus. The old, “Buy X now and I’ll also throw in Y, for free!” As far as the plugin is concerned, that’s just another type of bundle.

Selling Bundles in WLM

That link will take you to a 4-minute video that shows what it’s all about. It also allows you to grab the code to make it all happen. It’s free. It’s also *not* the plugin version, but I do tell you how to incorporate it into your site. (Warning, it’s a solution for people who are more technically-oriented.)

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