Expanding the Niche

There’s a lot of be said about focusing on a specific niche, but if your niche is too narrow you may not have a large enough market to build the kind of business you really want.

I’m kind of in that boat right now.

My niche is game programmers who use the Corona SDK framework. But as wildly fanatic as Corona developers can be, there are only so many of them. My business has been good, but it didn’t seem like there was a ton of room for growth. And now with two competitors offering the same kind of tool I’ve been selling, it’s going to be even harder.

I have two options and I’ve been brainstorming both of them:

1. Stay focused on Corona SDK developers but come up with more products to sell into that market.

2. Sell my existing tool into other gaming markets to developers who use a different framework.

Both options have their pros and cons and I’ve changed my mind about which direction to go several times in the past week.

The marketer in me thinks option #1 is better because I already have a foothold and selling new products to existing customers is usually easier than finding new customers to begin with.

But the programmer in me thinks option #2 is best because it means I get to play with more game development languages. Plus, the marketer in me agrees that expanding they pool of potential customers is no small thing.

I have to make a decision soon so I can get focused on my new direction.

At this point I’m not sure whether it’ll come down to flipping a coin, or what. 🙂

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