How Many Times Can You Start Again?

Short version: I dropped out of school after the 8th grade to perform full time. Until sometime in my early 20s that’s how I made my living. Then I got into computer programming and dropped performing. Except I’ve always missed it, so 20-some years later I’m thinking I need to jump back into performing and see what happens.

However, I’ve had those thoughts before and nothing has ever come of them.

Long version: Take a couple minutes and read this page:

That’s what I wrote in late 2001 and while I’m sure I meant it at the time, I never followed through. Shortly after that is when we adopted our kids, moved (a couple times), and life just generally got very busy.

At least, that’s what I think happened. I don’t have any recollection of deciding NOT to get back into performing, it just never happened.

So here I am in mid-2010 and wishing I were a performer instead of a programmer. I have “stuff” — I’ve hauled along a box of props and books even when we decided to live on the road and moved into a 208 square foot trailer. I just need to decide to DO it.

Embarrassing Disclosure

After sitting on my can for about 25 years with typing as my most strenuous activity, I’ve become quite a large guy. (Some would say “large” is an understatement.) While I do know there are fat performers, it’s not something I’m happy about and it gives me a reason not to pursue my dream. And it’s not just “emotional” it’s practical — do you know how much it costs to buy performing clothes in XXXXXXXXXL size?

(Okay, maybe I put one or two extra Xs in there. Maybe.)

Yeah, I can lose weight (“It’s easy!” says all the skinny people.) and I’ve started on that, but it’s not something that will happen anytime soon. But I’m not willing to keep putting off my new beginning so I’m going to look for some opportunities where dressing casual will be just fine.

Those will probably be free shows, but I don’t have a problem doing some of those initially just to get some testimonials that can be used later.

Anyway, there’s my story. One time performer who wants that life again.

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