Upcoming Features in Article Architect

I added a couple new features into version 2.6 of Article Architect tonight…

  1. Allow multiple articles to be selected so you can delete more than one at a time. That’s a life-saver when you accidentally import a folder full of dozens of articles — and realize you imported the wrong ones. (Not that I’ve ever done that!)
  2. Find by date created. Now instead of searching by words in an article, you can search for articles you wrote back in July, or the first week in January, or whenever.
  3. Moved Smart Folders to the top of the list where they’re easy to get to.

In the coming weeks I’ll be working on allowing you to create your own Smart Folders. For example, if you want a folder that shows all articles written about dogs, you can do that — no matter which project they’re in.

Or what about a folder that shows all articles written in the last month that have NOT been submitted to an article directory? You can do that, too.

There are several more features that should make it into the next version, but I’ll keep those under my hat for now. =:)

How Do I Decide On New Features?

Sometimes someone will send me an email and say they wished AA did this, or that, or the other thing. And if it’s something that seems reasonable and cool, I’ll try and get it in.

But most features…

…come right out of my head as I’m using Article Architect. I use it ALL the freakin’ time and I’m always running across things I wish it did — so I make a note and then try and put it in.

Yeah, I’d be adding features to this thing even if YOU didn’t exist, because my business is built on content and AA is the only thing I’ve found (created) that can keep it all straight.

Feel free to leave a comment — if you tell me something you wish Article Architect could do, who knows, maybe it soon will! =:)

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