Article Marketing Tricks #2: Sales On Autopilot

Making long term sales on autopilot is another great secret to making article marketing pay off for you.

This is the perfect technique to use if you’re building a list — and anyone doing internet marketing had better be building a list or you’re missing out on a huge source of revenue.

I’m going to explain how this works by telling on myself. I create many different tools for online marketing and one thing I initially neglected to do was to promote all my own products to the email list I was building.


When I finally realized I was being a bonehead, I decided to do something a little different — I didn’t want to just pitch my products, so I sat down and wrote a series of articles teaching people how to use different marketing techniques. I ended each article with a mention of one of my products — one that would help make the process I just discussed faster and easier.

My plan was to accomplish two things in one — first, to give the people on my list useful content. They opted in to my list which means I could just pitch them if I wanted, but I don’t want to appear to be just a money-hungry marketer. I’d rather have a reputation as someone who delivers emails that are well worth reading.

And the second thing I wanted to accomplish with each article was to “gently” introduce another one of my products — and introduce it in such a way that people would see the real-world value in owning it.

After writing the articles I put them in a good-looking web page template and posted them online. Then I went into my autoresponder and set up emails for my list that are delivered every few days or weeks.

Which means that now when someone subscribes to my Select Marketing Info list, every once in a while they’ll receive an email letting them know there’s a new article for them and giving them a link. And while the article might be months or a year old, to the new people on the list it’s brand new.

I didn’t know what would happen when I first set that system up, but I knew at the very least I’d end up with good content to feed my list.

What ended up happening blew my mind.

I’ve found it’s a great way to make sales on a long term basis — seemingly on autopilot. I have people joining my list every day and now I have a system in place that passively promotes my products to them. I use tracking links in those articles and can see the sales that come from those links.

This is something you can easily do — and it doesn’t have to be done all at once. Start with a single article for your list and when you find time, write a second article and put in in your autoresponder. Then a third, fourth, fifth, etc.

One of the really great things about this system is it can work for you even if you’re promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate. Your articles can give info on a technique, and then you can point, with an affiliate link, to a product that will make the task that much faster and easier.

Most people think of article marketing as writing articles and submitting them to article directories — while that’s a legitimate way to do things, using articles that are just for your list is a great way to make some long-term sales, long after you have written the article once.

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