Cool New Article Architect Feature

Within a couple days of this post the latest version of Article Architect should be ready to download.

There have been several “internal” tweeks so for most people the main new thing will be the ability to upload an article to a web site from inside AA.

That means you can write an article, choose a web template for it, and then upload it right away — without even leaving Article Architect at all!

Here’s a quick video that shows off the new feature:

Upload Article To Web Site (opens in new window)

I’ll be sending out a download link to all existing AA customers as soon as it’s ready.

2 Comments on “Cool New Article Architect Feature”

    1. Hey Mike…

      The templates that come with AA are pretty basic — but the cool thing is that you can take any web page you like and turn it into an AA template and all you need to know is very basic HTML.

      For example, take a web page you like into something like KompoZer or Dreamweaver and delete all the body text. Replace it with this: <aa_body>

      Now when you use that template with AA it will replace that special tag with the body of the article. Easy peasy!


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