More Important Than Marketing

It’s not marketing-related, but I can’t not post this link:

Executed An Innocent Man?

I read that and I’m furious. While our system may be “better than other places” it’s still too freaking corrupt and inept to be considered good.

The people who helped kill that man (prosecutors, judge, investigators, governor, parole board, etc.) should be utterly and completely destroyed.

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  1. I utterly agree. In principle I don’t oppose the death penalty, but in practice I think it’s foolish to trust the state with this power when there are alternatives available. It’s less a question of the justice of the death penalty, and more a question of the competence of those who use it.

    1. Dean, nice to “see” you again!

      Yes, I believe in the death penalty (based on my religious beliefs) but I do not trust man. If Solomon were still around, okay, but the guys I’ve seen dispensing “justice” (for the most part) don’t deserve the power they have.


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