What Do You Need?

Two to three years ago I surveyed my customers and asked what they needed to be successful in internet marketing. What did they feel was holding them back?

The answers were interesting — besides the “more traffic” and “bigger list” answers I suspected would be there, the #1 answer was kind of a surprise.

Since then a ton of information and software tools have come on the market, and I wondered how things had changed in the last few years. So I asked the question once again to my current customers.

Hmmm…same answer.

Yeah, a couple different answers have come in to the top 10, but the main answer is the same now as it was a few years ago.

I’m not going to tell you what the #1 answer then and now is — not yet, anyway.

Because while I wasn’t ready to tackle the topic back then, I think I’m prepared to do it now. So I’m planning out a way to “fix” the #1 reason why people have a hard time getting their internet marketing business cranking along.

If you subscribe so my Select Marketing Info list (see the opt-in box on this page) I’ll let you know the problem and my response to it as soon as it’s ready. Plus, I’l also give you coupon codes you can use to save a bunch of money on any of my products.

And, if you think you know what the #1 answer people gave for not having their online business where they think it should be, post a comment here. All correct answers will be given a special gift worth at least $25 (in real-world dollars, not “bonus” dollars).

2 Comments on “What Do You Need?”

  1. Information overload. Too many paths to follow. Solution: Pick a plan and follow it. Unsubscribe from others. Easier said than done.

  2. There’s a difference between what people say the reason is and what actually is the reason. We’re often blind to reality.

    That said, I’m guessing most people will say they either “don’t have time” (they don’t effectively use the time they have) or “I don’t know how to…” (they’ve been told how, but they don’t want to put the work in to do it).

    Of course, there’s the possibility that they’ve been lied to and “____ doesn’t work”, but most of the time it just takes consistent and persistent action. And stop buying stuff! Use what you’ve already got until you’ve mastered it.

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