Programming Moai SDK with Corona Project Manager

For those people who are using CPM for Corona SDK but would like to dabble with Moai SDK, I’ve created a short video that shows how to use CPM with Moai: And yes, you can even use the free version of CPM for Moai SDK programming. See the Download page on that site.

iPad – Programming on the Go

While some folks continue to claim the iPad is a “consumption device” other people are using it for creation. And not just the artsy-fartsy types who use it for cool “finger paintings” but more and more programmers are getting into the act. Apple still has some rules in place that keep the iPad from being a total portable software studio, … Read More

Upcoming New Product

I’m waiting on review from Apple for a new app I created, it’s called AK Leads and is aimed at salespeople — specifically those who target their products and services at new businesses. AK Leads – Sales Leads for B2B in Alaska As soon as the app has been approved I’ll post a link. 🙂

Griffin Elan Folio Sucks – Griffin Customer Service Stellar

A couple months ago I bought a Griffin Elan Folio case for my iPad 3 and hated it from about day two. A couple days ago I was fed up with it and sent a “nastygram” to Griffin: This is the absolute worst case I’ve ever used. And I can’t get my $50 back so I’m stuck. And I hate … Read More

James Ivan Jennings 1924 – 2012

My father, James Ivan Jennings, was born July 31, 1924 in Custer, South Dakota to Fred and Minerva Jennings, one of six children. He passed away last Monday after almost 88 years of adventure. While everyone might have different stories about my Dad, there are three things on which everyone can agree: 1. He loved God and served Him faithfully. … Read More

Want to Play Guitar But Have No Time To Learn? Solution!

Okay, just to get it out of the way up front, this isn’t a solution about how to actually play the guitar. It’s a solution that may work for some people that get’s you “part of the way” toward playing guitar. Kind of. 🙂 I read the “Random Bits” section on a friend’s blog and saw he wanted to learn … Read More

Troupers – New Fantasy Short Story Amazon

My latest short story “Troupers: The Smiling Wizard” is available on Amazon as a digital download. Troupers: The Smiling Wizard It’s a fantasy story (you know, with elves and stuff) and you don’t have to have a Kindle device to read it — there are Kindle apps/programs for just about everything, so there’s nothing to stop you! 😉


I’m just starting work on a new product for game developers. While there are a lot of game development tools out there, I don’t think any of them are doing it right. Here are some of the best of the bunch (oh, I’m talking about 2D mobile development for the most part – 3D stuff is a whole other kettle … Read More

Mobile Game Development: Crash Course

On May 5th I’ll be teaching a 2-day course for beginners who want to get started in mobile game development. Have you ever wanted to create your own game for iPhone, iPad, or Android? This weekend course will show you exactly how to do that! Get all the details here: Mobile Game Development: Crash Course

Expanding the Niche

There’s a lot of be said about focusing on a specific niche, but if your niche is too narrow you may not have a large enough market to build the kind of business you really want. I’m kind of in that boat right now. My niche is game programmers who use the Corona SDK framework. But as wildly fanatic as … Read More