May 2015 Reading List

I finished reading the following books in May, 2015. School was over by the first couple days of the month and I think I went on kind of a reading binge to celebrate. The Hard Luck Hank books were a fun(ny) sci-fi series and Birds of Prey reminded me why everybody in my family inhaled Wilbur Smith books as we … Read More

Still Not Performing *sigh*

For some reason, time has NOT stood still the way it ought, and here we are five years after that “This time I mean it!” post. And no, I still haven’t done any performing. I *have* made notes on possible stuff to do, but if that’s all I have to show for five years, something’s wrong. I hate to say … Read More

April 2015 Reading List

Here are the books I finished reading in April, 2015. While I was sick most of April, I vegged out on Netflix more than books, so it was a light month. I’m still really enjoying the Privateer Tales — they bring back memories of discovering Robert Heinlein when I was a kid. Fear the Survivors (Fear Saga 2) by Stephen … Read More

March Reading List

Here are the books I finished reading in March, 2015. I forgot to post this earlier, so I’ll wait a few days and then post the April list. I really recommend the ones by Robin Hobbs if you like fantasy, although Mariella likes fantasy and couldn’t get into them, so I’m not sure what’s wrong with her. Actually, I started … Read More

My First Car Wreck

Early this morning, at 1:42 AM, our Buick was totaled when a kid rear-ended us on the Parks Highway in Wasilla. Zero warning! We were driving and chatting about Wanda and Sue’s trip to Seattle (I’d just picked them up at the airport and we were headed to drop Sue at her place) when BAM! I found myself looking at … Read More

February Reading List

Following are the books I finished reading in February. The last couple days of February and the first couple days of March had me trying to finish what should have been a good book (tons of 5-star reviews on Amazon). I finally quit at just over halfway through and put my first “nastygram” type review on Amazon. March looks like … Read More

January Reading List

These are the books I read in January 2015 (thanks to Randy for this idea): False Dawn (Jake Lassiter #3) by Paul Levine Starship’s Mage: Omnibus by Glynn Stewart First to Kill by Andrew Peterson Forced to Kill by Andrew Peterson Take the Monkeys and Run by Karen Cantwell Stranded on Haven by William Zellmann Mortal Sin (Jake Lassiter #4) … Read More

Article Review (Class Assignment)

How to Approach Your Own Career Like an Entrepreneur Fortune (January 2015 Issue, December 29, 2014 Online) By Erika Fry This article talks about what it takes to navigate your career these days and encourages you to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurism when job searching. The article begins with what it admits is an extreme example — at 31 years … Read More

CS A109 Intro to Game Dev with Javascript

The 2015 Spring Semester at Mat-Su Central College starts tomorrow and my first class is Spanish 102 at 5PM. But I actually started my semester earlier today. About a week ago I was able to get into a Computer Science class called Introduction to Game Development with Javascript. It was full by the time I found out about it in … Read More

My First Algebra Project

Yesterday I took my final exam in Beginning Algebra, the first algebra class I’ve taken since I was… well, it’s the first algebra class I’ve ever taken. I had to do a class project that consisted of finding something we learned in class and show how it can be used in everyday life. Basically, it needs to answer the question, … Read More