Anthro 200: Athabaskan Report

My last assignment in Anthropology 200 before starting my final exam (due Friday evening). Just a quick page and a half with a look at the Athabaskan and their concept of “luck” when it comes to hunting. One thing not in the report that I found interesting during my research, was the number of Athabaskan language groups — more … Read More

Price Positioning Map for TRR

For my final assignment in my Marketing class I had to create a price positioning map and “Discuss what your company can do differently with their pricing strategy to stay competitive; if the evidence suggests that they are doing well with their pricing strategy you must present the evidence in a clear and concise framework.” That’s what I ended … Read More

Weapons and Warfare of the Tlingit

If you want to read about Weapons and Warfare of the Tlingit you can find it at the following link (a PDF file). It was the research paper for my Anthropology A200 class. I thought I might get docked for adding humor and editorial comments to the paper, but nope. 🙂

Three Ring Ranch: The 4P’s

Three Ring Ranch 4 P’s Place: Online business, which saves on inventory, rent, etc. Products: Video tutorials that are aimed at beginning game developers. Pricing: Competitive with similar offerings; price testing often. Promotion: Focused on social media. Single worst P of the bunch. Of the 4 P’s for Three Ring Ranch (TRR), the place is the easiest one to talk about because TRR is … Read More

Anthro A200: Immigrants to Alaska

(From my Fall 2015 Anthropology mid-term exam.) An ethnography is a description of the customs of different people and their culture. In looking at the history of Alaska Natives archaeology is an important part of building an ethnography because there are no written records to give us descriptions of life in Alaska hundreds and thousands of years ago. Discovering artifacts … Read More

Aleut Story Report

For my Anthropology 200 Natives of Alaska class I had to watch a film called Aleut Island and write a short report about it. The film talks about the US using the Aleuts as slave labor and decimating them in internment camps during WWII. You know, normal stuff. Here’s a link to a PDF copy of the report if you’d … Read More

The Great Wordini

A few weeks ago I thought I needed to work on a game using Unity so I’d get up to speed faster and came up with an idea I hadn’t seen before — an endless runner crossed with a word game. While the gameplay has changed a bit since that first idea, Wordini (working title) still has that theme — … Read More

Still Not Performing *sigh*

For some reason, time has NOT stood still the way it ought, and here we are five years after that “This time I mean it!” post. And no, I still haven’t done any performing. I *have* made notes on possible stuff to do, but if that’s all I have to show for five years, something’s wrong. I hate to say … Read More

Article Review (Class Assignment)

How to Approach Your Own Career Like an Entrepreneur Fortune (January 2015 Issue, December 29, 2014 Online) By Erika Fry This article talks about what it takes to navigate your career these days and encourages you to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurism when job searching. The article begins with what it admits is an extreme example — at 31 years … Read More

CS A109 Intro to Game Dev with Javascript

The 2015 Spring Semester at Mat-Su Central College starts tomorrow and my first class is Spanish 102 at 5PM. But I actually started my semester earlier today. About a week ago I was able to get into a Computer Science class called Introduction to Game Development with Javascript. It was full by the time I found out about it in … Read More