I’m Board(s)

I skipped the pen step tonight because I wanted to get this uploaded before midnight. It might behoove me to start earlier in the day and not wait until 11:30 at night.

Rocket with a Window

I think I need to spend more than 10 minutes or so trying to draw. In fact, instead of drawing a picture a day, I should modify that to something like draw for 30 minutes a day, culminating in a picture. Anyway, here is today’s picture and this time I played around using crosshatching for shading. I think I’ll poke … Read More

Retro Lady

If I hadn’t committed to posting a drawing every day, I wouldn’t put this up here. I’m unhappy with it. So, why don’t I just toss it and try again? Because that would feel like cheating. 🙂 I bought a book a while back about drawing retro cartoon characters, and then proceeded to misplace the book. But I used the … Read More

Beating the Ego

I hear people say all the time, “I want to be a game developer! What do I need to do?” My answer is always the same — if you want to be a game developer, make a game! You don’t need permission from anybody, and the information on how to do it is out there. And don’t worry if your … Read More

Engines and Frameworks for 2D Game Development

For my English 212 class I had to create a Product Analysis Report. I decided to do something based on a question I get almost weekly: Unity or Corona SDK? Those of you who know me best might find yourself flabbergasted at my conclusion (please don’t hate me!)… Engines and Frameworks for 2D Game Development — PDF

Jay’s Complete 2015 Reading List

These are the books I finished reading during 2015. Yes, I’m kind of embarrassed. I’m turning over a new leaf for 2016 — read less! Highlights for me included discovering Robin Hobbs and Michael Connelly, and rediscovering Wilbur Smith. January 2015 False Dawn (Jake Lassiter #3) by Paul Levine Starship’s Mage: Omnibus by Glynn Stewart First to Kill by Andrew Peterson … Read More

December 2015 Reading List

Here are the books I finished during the month of December, 2015. I never read the Harry Potter books before, so I decided to do that now — the first one hit in December. I’m getting them in digital format from the library, so most of them are on hold and it will probably be a few weeks between each … Read More

November 2015 Reading List

Here are the books I finished during the month of November, 2016. It’s more sparse than many months because school was heating up and I was getting ready for finals, etc. I’ve read The Postman maybe a couple times before, but it was still a great read. And Great North Road by Hamilton was a pleasant surprise — stumbled across … Read More

October 2015 Reading List

Here are the books I finished during the month of October, 2015. I liked Armada better than I expected (based on Amazon reviews), but Cline’s Ready Player One is just too good. Sucks for him that he wrote his best work, first. 😉 Seeing this list made me realize I haven’t read the last book in The Passage Trilogy — … Read More

Anthro 200: Athabaskan Report

My last assignment in Anthropology 200 before starting my final exam (due Friday evening). http://jayjennings.com/files/AnthroAthabaskanLuck.pdf Just a quick page and a half with a look at the Athabaskan and their concept of “luck” when it comes to hunting. One thing not in the report that I found interesting during my research, was the number of Athabaskan language groups — more … Read More