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Internet Marketing

What Do You Need?

Two to three years ago I surveyed my customers and asked what they needed to be successful in internet marketing. What did they feel was holding them back?

The answers were interesting — besides the “more traffic” and “bigger list” answers I suspected would be there, the #1 answer was kind of a surprise.

Since then a ton of information and software tools have come on the market, and I wondered how things had changed in the last few years. So I asked the question once again to my current customers.

Hmmm…same answer.

Yeah, a couple different answers have come in to the top 10, but the main answer is the same now as it was a few years ago.

I’m not going to tell you what the #1 answer then and now is — not yet, anyway.

Because while I wasn’t ready to tackle the topic back then, I think I’m prepared to do it now. So I’m planning out a way to “fix” the #1 reason why people have a hard time getting their internet marketing business cranking along.

If you subscribe so my Select Marketing Info list (see the opt-in box on this page) I’ll let you know the problem and my response to it as soon as it’s ready. Plus, I’l also give you coupon codes you can use to save a bunch of money on any of my products.

And, if you think you know what the #1 answer people gave for not having their online business where they think it should be, post a comment here. All correct answers will be given a special gift worth at least $25 (in real-world dollars, not “bonus” dollars).

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Keepin’ It Generic

Let’s start by looking at two things we can probably all agree on…

Here’s axiom #1 — Unless you’re J.P. Gotrocks and outsource everything, you’re going to spend an awful lot of your time creating content for your internet marketing business. Maybe you’ll do it all from scratch, maybe you’ll use some PLR (private label rights) materials as a base, but however you do it you’re going to be creating content.

And here’s axiom #2 — Leveraging your time is a must of you’re going to be successful in internet marketing, so you can’t spend time recreating the wheel. You must be able to repurpose and reuse content in your online business or you’ll never be able to grow your business past a certain size.

Two principles we need to follow — create content and reuse content — that can be very powerful when put together.

The key to making those two things work together as seamlessly as possible is to “think generic.” Here’s an example…

For my product creation course I needed to create a video showing how to hire a software programmer. Creating that fairly quickly is a no-brainer. But I’ve also been thinking about putting together a product focusing on selling downloadable software and I know I’ll need a similar video for that product.

Plus, I never know what’s going to come down the pike in the future, so making sure the video isn’t “specific” to a given product is a smart thing.

It’s pretty easy to make something generic. In general, don’t mention the product name in the video. The video I just created walks through the process, but I don’t do any kind of introduction. Instead of saying, “In this lesson for Product Creation Station we’re going to hire a programmer…” I just jump right into the process.

That gives me a piece of content I can use for any product now or in the future.

And when I do need to use it for something, I can “wrap it” in something more specific — I can record a quick intro talking about this lesson in the course, etc., and then combine that with the generic piece to get a piece of content that’s unique — but built on top of content that’s generic.

With text-based content you can always do a search and replace to reuse content for another project, but even then if you can write the piece as generic as possible you’ll come out ahead.

For step-by-step instructions on creating your own digital products see the Product Creation Station site. [stk_cloak code=”pcs” tracking=”jjblog”]Product Creation Station[/stk_cloak]

Internet Marketing

Starting From Square One

After months and months of weirdness in the admin section of my blog I decided to give up.

Wipe it and start over again.

So that’s why things look a little, er, bare at the moment.

But all the great content of the past will return, as well as more great content in the future. =:)



Magic Performing

Back In The Saddle Again

(Written in late 2001…)

The last professional show (where I was paid to be there) I did was probably about 1987. That was the year I decided I’d rather be a programmer than a performer. So I packed all my props away and found a job as a computer programmer.

I loved programming — in fact, I still do. It’s so cool to start with nothing and then when you’re done you have something to show people. Hmmm…sounds kind of like magic…produce a dove or produce a program.

Over the years I’d dabble with magic for a few weeks at a time and then put it away again. When Copperfield would hit a city I was living in I’d go see the show, I’d always watch magic shows on TV, etc. And about once every couple years I’d end up doing a little show for the company I worked for.

I’ve missed performing on a regular basis. I didn’t remember how much until March, 2001. I was asked by my church to do a little juggling for a benefit dinner they were having. Instead, I asked them if I could do a 25-minute show. They were thrilled and all of the sudden I had to come up with a show.

It was weird. I started putting together a show and things started falling into place. At times it felt like it hadn’t actually been more than a decade since my last real show. The show went very well, and since I taped it, I was, for the first time in my life, able to watch one of my shows. (No, in all the years I performed full-time in the 80’s I never taped a show.)

It was enlightening. I knew I put on a good show, but seeing it from the audience viewpoint was so cool. And it sparked something in me.

Right after that show someone asked me if I’d come to a church in a nearby town for a kids carnival. I said, “No, I don’t perform anymore.” But then for some strange reason I told them to give me a call next week and I’d see if I had time.

So they called, and I said yes. And I tweaked the show I’d done — dropped a couple things and added a couple more. And did another 25-minute show about a month later.

And I was hooked.

So, I’ve thought about it for the last week, talked it over with my wife, and have decided to dive back into performing. Well, I’m going to dive into the shallow end of the pool. There’s no way I can start out making enough to pay the mortgage, truck payment, etc. The plan is to get into it part-time starting this Christmas working the “company party” circuit. Then book a few spring school shows, some summer company picnics, and then evaluate where I am.

At some point if it looks like I can bring in $6000 per month (average) on a continuous basis, I’ll decide at that time whether to ditch programming and come home to performing full time. If not, I’ll still stay in it on a part-time basis.

So, what’s this web site all about? It’s going to be a step-by-step diary of my attempts to get back into performing. I’m going to talk about how I’m putting my shows together, what kind of marketing I’m doing (what works and what doesn’t), how I’m booking my first shows, etc.

It’s ALL going to be here.

I think it’ll help me stay focused on what I want and will give me a place to brainstorm. And I think there are probably other people out there like me — they’ve fallen by the wayside and miss the good old days. And they wonder whether they can ever get it back again. So maybe if they see one person’s journey it will inspire them to start their own journey…