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Three Stupid Things About TV

Yesterday I exchanged my normal cable box for one that handles HD signals. I didn’t need to do it before now because until my birthday recently I didn’t even have an HDTV and rarely watched a “channel” at all.

First thing I noticed with the new box is that stuff looked *really* different. In a good way. Clarity and vibrant colors. The trade-in was definitely worth the extra $8 per month.

As cool as the enhanced picture is, during my TV watching session yesterday I noticed three things that made me realize (once again) why watching TV is mainly just a waste of time.

1st Stupid Thing

Some of the commercials BLARED out of the TV so much louder than the main program it wasn’t even funny. I don’t actually blame the producers of the commercials so much as I do the cable company. Why don’t they normalize the volume of the content they push down their pipe?!? I simply don’t believe they don’t have the technical ability to do so — I think they just don’t care about their customers.

When a company cares that little about their customers they don’t deserve to be in business.

And if I’m wrong and they DON’T have the technical ability to normalize the volume, they could always refuse to air commercials that are volume boosted. That would be the right thing to do for their customers.

2nd Stupid Thing

We’ve not been a “TV family” for at least the last 7 years. We’ve usually had a set but used it for movies, not TV itself. But a while back we won an Xbox 360 which got a bit of use (mainly by my son) and then Skyrim came out. And I wanted it but knew I wouldn’t be satisfied playing it on an old-fashioned tube TV. So my family all chipped in and bought me an HDTV for my birthday — and Skyrim.

That was cool, but now that I had an HDTV I wanted to experience Bluy-Ray so I bought a player.

And I’d always wanted an AppleTV so I could play around with AirPlay from my iPad and stuff, so I bought one of those.

So now we have a remote for the TV, one for the cable box, one for the Blu-Ray player, one for the Xbox, and one for the Apple TV.

Yes, I have heard of universal remotes, and we have a couple of them, but every one I’ve tried has *something* missing, that one function that I use often enough to make me have to grab more than one remote.

I’m not sure there’s a good answer to this problem, although a single standard that all entertainment equipment manufacturers would implement would be a good start. My Sony Blu-Ray player and my AppleTV can both be controlled using my iPhone or iPad, but they both use different apps. As more and more pieces of equipment become wi-fi enabled maybe this problem will solve itself.

3rd Stupid Thing

While watching a show the lower third of the screen was obscured for about 20 seconds by an advertisement. Are you kidding me?! We just got out of a commercial break and you’re going to hide part of the program I’m watching in order to fit more promos in?

In the past I’ve seen little blurbs on the bottom part of the screen, but a full third? And for such a long time? I’m already paying for my cable* so why are you even showing commercials in the first place?

Why I Keep My Subscription

Stupid Thing #2 above isn’t the fault of the cable company, but the other two things are. * We have cable because the landlord pays for it, but at some point we’ll be in a position where we have a choice, and when that comes I can’t imagine paying the cable company a penny (unless it a requirement in order to get internet service).

With all the options available where I don’t have to watch commercials and I don’t have watch when the cable company airs a program, why would I choose something so inferior? I won’t.

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My Top Internet Marketing Tools

I’ve written a LOT of tools over the years but the ones I use day in and day out are the following (and you’ll notice these are all aimed at creating and promoting products):

Article Architect – While I don’t do tons of article marketing anymore (I do it, but it’s very focused — no more shotgun approach for me) I create content all the time, and I still do most of my writing in AA. It’s one place where I can find all my content and then auto-post it to my WordPress blog or export and upload as an HTML web page.

Sonic Sneak – I’ve been cloaking and tracking my links for years and it’s probably the single best task I’ve ever done. At any time I can look at my dashboard and see which sources are bringing me the traffic. Is it a post on my blog? An article? A forum message? With Sonic Sneak behind the scenes I never have to guess about that, I simply know.

Instant Video Web Pages – Web video is a proven workhorse, whether you’re using it to promote a product, show someone how to use some software, or giving people a glimpse at how clever your cat can be. And since we should make use of it, I created IVWP to make it brain-dead simple to not just put up a video, but put up a complete video web page. Fill in the blanks, choose a template, and boom, it just works.

Product Creation Station – Finally, while I don’t “use” this actual product on a daily basis, the ideas and knowledge that went into creation of this course is what I use to create all the products I crank out. If you want a comprehensive course on info product creation, delivered on a weekly basis, PCS is perfect for you.

Video Marketing

Why Use A Video Landing Page?

A landing page is a page on a web site where someone “lands” after clicking a link. In some cases it might be the main page (or home page) of the site, but in many cases a landing page is used as part of a marketing campaign and the desired action is for the person who clicked the link to sign up to an email list.

In the distant past it was enough to say you’d send the prospect more information if they signed up for the list, but that approach doesn’t work as well today. People are more wary about giving out their contact information unless they’re getting something of value in return.

One way to accomplish that is to offer some kind of “ethical bribe” if the person signs up to the list. That could be a special report or white paper with information that’s useful to the prospect. And, of course, you’ll include more information on your product or service to try and convince the prospect to buy.

So now you have a reason for the person to sign-up, but you’ll still find far more people just go away rather than giving you their email address. You need to build some trust before they’re willing to go that far.

And that’s where video comes in.

Adding video to a landing or opt-in page not only gives the prospect information in a visual manner, but hearing a real person (and seeing them, in live videos) increases the trust factor. And the more trust that’s built, the higher conversion rate you’ll have on your landing page.

In a test that just finished running I went from a 31% opt-in rate on a landing page, to a 40% opt-in rate simply by adding a short video.

There’s no guarantee that adding video to your landing page will increase your conversion rate as much as I saw — but there’s nothing saying you won’t do even better, either.

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What I’ve Been Waiting For

It might sound kind of weird because I created the product, but Instant Video Web Pages is the tool I’ve been waiting for. As I was playing around with the Template Editor this afternoon I realized a lot of the other tools I’ve created were just practice for IVWP.

Here’s why…

While the primary purpose of Instant Video Web Pages is to create video sales letters and video opt-in pages, with the addition of the Template Editor I can now very quickly create pages without video. So all those other pages that we need — thank you pages, download pages, etc., can quickly be generated with IVWP.

Honestly, I’m not a stranger to creating web pages — I’ve been doing it since somewhere around 1994. Give me a nickel for every web page I’ve created over the years and I’ll send you a postcard from my yacht in the Caribbean.

But just because I do it doesn’t mean I like spending the time. And that’s why IVWP is such a killer product.

I made it easy enough for nontechnical people to put up video web pages — but it’s also for technical people who don’t have enough time to do everything from scratch.

The official launch of Instant Video Web Pages is coming up around the first of May. Until then I’m upgrading people from the Standard to the Plus plan at no extra charge. But when it launches, that special deal is over.

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New Look, Oh Baby!

I just spent the last 8-10 days working too many hours every day, but I added three VERY cool features to Instant Video Web Pages, plus…

…I gave it a complete makeover. Before, it was functional and okay. Now it’s functional and COOL!

Here’s a very quick video that will show you what it looks like on the inside…

Internet Marketing Video Marketing

The Pros and Cons of Video Marketing

Video marketing isn’t the practice of trying to market and sell videos, it’s using video to promote a product or service. Just like article marketing has you writing an article that’s designed to sell a product, video marketing works the same way.

You record a video on a given topic and if people want more information, you give them a web page link where they can find out more, or purchase the product.

Most people think it’s easier to write a blurb about a product than to shoot some video, but there are some big reasons why video marketing should be a much used tool in your marketing efforts. Let’s look at just two of them:

1. It’s quickly becoming a world of video. While audio and print aren’t going away, more and more people are turning to video, not only for entertainment, but also for information. In fact, more and more online retailers are using video to help sell items, and studies show those people who watch the videos are more likely to buy.

While video isn’t a requirement, folks are starting to expect video on a site and if it’s not there, they may wonder why.

2. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? There are many cases where a 1-2 minute video can cover more ground than a full page article. If you’re thinking of buying something, would you rather see a video of what it looks like and does, or read a description of it?

The same goes for tutorial, or informational videos. Tying to teach someone to hold a tennis racket correctly can be done using video far faster than trying to explain it using text.

Okay, if video is so good, why isn’t everybody using it? While there are many reasons, I think it usually boils down to one of these two:

1. Making videos requires _______. You can fill in that blank with many things, from “expensive equipment,” to “specialized training,” to “too much time.” But all of those are just excuses, none of them are true. You can create screencast videos (recordings of your computer screen) using free software. You can learn how to do that in a couple evenings, and once you’ve demolished that learning curve, you can crank out a good video in less time than it takes to write a decent article.

2. Putting video online is too hard – I’m not technical. While it’s true that being a technical geek can be helpful, there are copy-and-paste templates available that make putting video online very quick and easy. And once again, after you learn it one time, you’re set for life.

Video marketing has been proven to increase sales and sign-ups and if you’re not using it for your internet marketing business, you’re losing out on profits that could be going into your pockets.

Internet Marketing Video Marketing

Served 400,698 Times

That’s how many videos have been served up by Sonic Flix so far.

And Sonic Memo Express has served up 1,688,109 audio files.

Those are two of the tools inside Sonic Toolkit — and I hate to even put up a link because the sales letter just sucks. That’s why I don’t promote STK very much — because I know I need to rewrite the sales letter and I just don’t have the time.

Taking a peek at the sales letter I see it’s so outdated it doesn’t even list all the tools inside:

Adsense Eliminator
Expiring Links
Inline Profits
Exit Attack
Sonic Test & Track
Sonic Flycatcher
Sonic Memo Express
Sonic Syndicator
Sonic Flix
STK Survey
Monthly PLR Materials
Miscellaneous Marketing
Title Brainstorm

This weekend I’m working on a new tool — kind of an extension of Sonic Flix — that will make it very easy to put together video sales letters.

When *that’s* done then I’ll use it to create a new STK sales letter. And I’m going to significantly bump the price as well (don’t worry if you’re already a member, you’ll be grandfathered in).

More info as the new product comes together…