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Added Unity 2D Tutorials to GDN – Guess When?

Take a look at the stats below and try to guess when I added Unity 2D game development tutorials to the site?

Screen Shot 2013 12 12 at 10 43 32 AM

I’ll give you a hint, because it’s subtle — look toward the last of the graph. 😉

I’ll be doing more Unity tutorials after the first of the year — have to get some other projects finished before diving headlong into that. But diving I will be. I don’t intend to give up on Corona SDK at all, but I like both tools well enough to split my time between them.

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New Unity 2D Game Tutorial Videos

The last couple years I’ve been developing games and tutorials with Corona SDK but I’m always on the lookout for new cool tools. Unity has been around for a long time but I was never really interested in it because it focused on making 3D games — and I don’t really care about those.

But when version 4.3 was released a couple months ago they included tools for creating 2D games and I took another look at it. And it’s cool enough that I’m going to branch out and create tutorials for Unity 2D as well as Corona SDK.

The first series of game dev video tutorials for Unity 2D beginners can be found here:

Unity 2D Game Tutorial

The tutorial is based off the written tutorials from Pixelnest Studio (I received their permission first) and will get you started making a simple shoot ’em up game using Unity.