Want To Launch A Product? You Need This…

Jeff Walker KNOWS what he’s talking about when it comes to launching a product or service online. If you’re someone who makes and sells stuff you should at least watch his free training series – he gives away so much GOOD knowledge it will be worth your time: Product Launch Formula Masterclass Videos That’s my affiliate link just in case … Read More

5 Tips For Creating Better YouTube Videos

I’ve created literally hundreds of tutorial videos over the last 15 years and while they’re not all perfect, here are some of the biggest mistakes I see in tutorial videos. 1. So much chit-chat. If your channel is a talk show, then go ahead and chit-chat. But if your videos are supposed to be how-to, then STFU about what you … Read More

Cold Brew – My Only Coffee Source

Our Keurig machine bit the dust several weeks ago, but I’m in no hurry to replace it. For the last few months we’ve been making cold brew coffee at home and love it! I quit caffeine a few months ago so I use ground No Fun Jo decaf coffee. (No, I don’t grind my own beans; I’m not that much … Read More

WP Plugin for WLM – Sell Bundles

I created my first WordPress plugin last night. It allows me to sell “bundles” of courses on my MasteringCoronaSDK.com site. WishList Member is an awesome way to handle my membership stuff, but doesn’t have any way to let you sell a bundle of courses at once. So I changed that. Using their API I dusted off my PHP skillz and … Read More

New Unity 2D Game Tutorial Videos

The last couple years I’ve been developing games and tutorials with Corona SDK but I’m always on the lookout for new cool tools. Unity has been around for a long time but I was never really interested in it because it focused on making 3D games — and I don’t really care about those. But when version 4.3 was released … Read More

Poked at Javascript or PHP? Want to Try Game Development?

I have a “Crash Course” video tutorial in game development using Corona SDK (a 2D mobile framework) that’s hosted on Udemy: Game Development Crash Course The course is free and even better, can be done using the free trial version of Corona SDK. This is for beginners, but I assume you’ve played around with programming at some point, maybe with … Read More

Kindle Publishing Riches! Swoon!

In recent months there have been a rash of “systems” promoting all the money that can be made simply by publishing for the Kindle on Amazon. “We’ll get rich, Martha! It’s guaranteed! Look, all these other guys are doing it!!!!” Um, yeah. Those other guys are not starting from ground level. They have a built-in audience who will buy whatever … Read More

Making Mobile Business Apps with Corona SDK

I’m finishing up the last of the videos for an online course, “Business Apps Using Corona SDK” and just finished the sample app for Lesson 7. The Lesson 7 videos should be done and online today, and then all I have to do is put up the 3 bonus videos and the course is completely done! I think it’s turned … Read More

iPad – Programming on the Go

While some folks continue to claim the iPad is a “consumption device” other people are using it for creation. And not just the artsy-fartsy types who use it for cool “finger paintings” but more and more programmers are getting into the act. Apple still has some rules in place that keep the iPad from being a total portable software studio, … Read More

Mobile Game Development: Crash Course

On May 5th I’ll be teaching a 2-day course for beginners who want to get started in mobile game development. Have you ever wanted to create your own game for iPhone, iPad, or Android? This weekend course will show you exactly how to do that! Get all the details here: Mobile Game Development: Crash Course