Long Term Sales – Audio and Video

I’ve released the audio and video versions of my article, “Article Marketing Tricks #2: Long-Term Sales on Autopilot” which are available here: Audio: http://articlemarketingexplained.com/podcast/ Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIt9I4uXk24 And if you missed the written version and would prefer that, it’s still available online at this link: http://ezinearticles.com/?id=3106645 Most people think article marketing means submitting articles to directories and then waiting around for … Read More

Article Marketing Tricks #2: Sales On Autopilot

Making long term sales on autopilot is another great secret to making article marketing pay off for you. This is the perfect technique to use if you’re building a list — and anyone doing internet marketing had better be building a list or you’re missing out on a huge source of revenue. I’m going to explain how this works by … Read More

New Article Marketing Podcast

Please help spread the word… There’s a brand new weekly podcast with article marketing tips and tricks: http://ArticleMarketingExplained.com/podcast/ I highly recommend it (ahem, I’m the host). =;) The nice thing about it is each episode is designed to be less than 5 minutes in length – no inane chit-chat (well, not much!) or trivia, just some hard core article marketing … Read More

Article Marketing Tricks #1: Become A White Knight

Here’s the #1 secret to making article marketing pay off for you: Become a white knight — let other people use your articles. Let me give you an example of what I mean by letting others use your articles: If you’ve ever promoted a product as an affiliate you’ve probably been given promotional materials to use, such as the copy … Read More

Cool New Article Architect Feature

Within a couple days of this post the latest version of Article Architect should be ready to download. There have been several “internal” tweeks so for most people the main new thing will be the ability to upload an article to a web site from inside AA. That means you can write an article, choose a web template for it, … Read More

New Article Architect Feature

Yeehaw! Calling all article marketing aficionados! If you use the Export to File feature in Article Architect to generate web pages from your articles you’re going to love this new feature… …FTP upload. Now when you Export the article you can also specify a web site to upload it to (you can set all your sites up inside a new … Read More