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Free Corona SDK Code and Tips

I have a full video tutorial course on making Business Apps Using Corona SDK (a framework better known for making 2D games) but for people who look at it and are on the fence, I created an email list where they can get new Corona SDK tips and code every few days…

…along with a sales pitch for the full course, of course! 😉

Free Corona SDK Code + Tips

Use that link to get to the sign-up page. Completely free, and the tips are *very* useful.

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Making Mobile Business Apps with Corona SDK

I’m finishing up the last of the videos for an online course, “Business Apps Using Corona SDK” and just finished the sample app for Lesson 7.

The Lesson 7 videos should be done and online today, and then all I have to do is put up the 3 bonus videos and the course is completely done!

I think it’s turned out pretty well. I wish I’d had something like this available last year, I would have had a lot more apps available! 🙂

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Programming Moai SDK with Corona Project Manager

For those people who are using CPM for Corona SDK but would like to dabble with Moai SDK, I’ve created a short video that shows how to use CPM with Moai:

And yes, you can even use the free version of CPM for Moai SDK programming. See the Download page on that site.