Internet Marketing

New Product Launched

I just launched a new product that will make ZERO splash in the internet marketing world.

But that doesn’t bother me because it’s not aimed at those of us in IM. 🙂

Most of the time I say my first product was Sonic Memo, but that’s not technically true. My first product was a set of programming macros called PW Macros. That was a give-away product, but it led to a product that I actually got money for, ProTools — another set of programmer utilities that was published by Ariel Publishing.

With this new product I’m back to the development market with a product that was started just 12 days ago. Started from scratch. It came together really quickly, mainly because I was able to use some chunks of code from Article Architect and other products I’ve created in the past.

Plus, I’m just an awesome product creator. 😉

Okay, stop throwing tomatoes, here’s the point that applies whether your market is IM, gardening, forex, or anything else — the more products you create the better and faster you get at them. And the more resources you have to pull from to make your new product come together quickly.

But you can never get to that “it came together like magic!” point if you never put a product together to start with. You have to do something – more than once – to get really good at it.

Putting together a product is a skill that can be learned and a skill that can pay you back over and over again in the future.

If you haven’t created your first product yet, isn’t it about time you got started?

Get started, and then get better. And faster. And more profitable.

Internet Marketing

It’s a Snow Day!

You know, where it snows so much you get to stay home from work/school? Except in this case it’s an Ice Day — so much freezing rain fell overnight that the entire area is shut down.

Except, for those of us who work from home, we’re still able to get to the job! (grumble)

Tomorrow is launch day for a new product I created recently (it’s in the computer programming niche) and I’m continuing the soft-launch of Article Architect 3, so there’s no lack of things to keep me busy.

I’d like to do a quick promo for three of my products that will help your business no matter what niche you work in.

Product Creation Station – A complete course showing step-by-step how to create your own products. Both digital and physical products, and PDF-based, audio, video, and even software products.

Instant Video Web Pages – Simply the fastest and easiest way to put video on your web pages, blogs, etc. Includes a point-and-click way to make Buy buttons show up during the video as well as many other cool features.

Article Architect v3 – Still the number one way to get free, targeted traffic to your web site, article marketing is even easier with the help of AA. Version 3 now includes a spinner that will turn one article into dozens of variations in seconds.

Take a look at those products today and imagine how they can help move your business forward.


Corona Project Manager

If you’re using Corona SDK or Corona Game Edition to create apps for iOS devices, you might want to check out a new tool I’m getting ready to launch.

Corona Project Manager allows you to easily handle all the assets you need for any given project, and keeps track of unlimited projects. Launch from inside CPM to the simulator, edit source files with your favorite editor, etc.

You can watch a preview video here and then go to the site using the link above for more information.

Corona Project Manager is scheduled to ship by November 23, 2010.

Product Creation

Creating – and Shipping – Your Product

Here is a simply awesome blog post that applies to anyone who creates products: