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Instant Video Web Pages

What if putting up a video opt-in page, or video sales letter, or video postcard…

…was as easy as:

Step 1. Upload your video file.

Step 2. Fill in two form fields.

With Instant Video Web Pages it IS that easy!

Take 8 minutes right now and ┬ásee what you’re missing!

This is my newest product and I’m more excited about what this will do for people that anything else I’ve created!

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You should know that Flash doesn’t work on the iPhone or my soon-to-arrive iPad. (Couldn’t watch the video.) Hope your product doesn’t leave out this highly-lucrative platform.

Don –

Here’s the tentative roadmap for IVWP:

  1. Allow use of embedded videos, such as from YouTube, Viddler, etc.
  2. Allow upload of video files (so I host them instead of you).
  3. Option to force opt-in before video can be played.

I expect those to be done within the next two weeks. After that I have several more features on the drawing board, and high on that list is the ability to display HTML5 video when mobile devices are viewing the video.

The only downside to doing that is the Flash-based player I’m using gives us a LOT of cool features — an HTML5 video will be pretty bare bones. Cue points won’t work, redirect at the end, etc. Plus, it won’t work with an FLV file.

Those aren’t insurmountable problems, but they’re the kind of things the end up costing me a lot in customer support time.

That said, it’s coming — I’m on my iPhone half the time and in another month or so I’ll probably use an iPad for a lot of my computing as well.


Don –

Just in case you come back here and check, hit this link with your iPhone:

You should be able to see the video. And with a “normal” browser it’ll play in Flash like normal.

That version of IVWP will be released sometime this weekend, I believe.


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