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If you’re interested in talking about article marketing, internet marketing, or have tech support questions about my products, join me on a free conference call every Saturday:

Day: Saturday
Time: 10AM Alaska Time, 11AM Pacific Time, 2PM Eastern Time
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I’ll be on the line for up to an hour and it’s very informal. Ask a question or bring up a topic you’re interested in.

I hope to see you on the next call!


PS – A couple weeks ago I said I’d be recording these calls and making them available, but I’ve discovered I can’t do that. It’s a time issue — I’m not willing to release the raw recordings and I just don’t have time to edit them. Some pieces will probably show up in the future, but the only way to really get any info from the call is to join us live.

Article Marketing

Types of Article Marketing — Writing An Interview Article

Writing an article to promote a product or service is often as simple as sitting down and writing a review about what you’re pitching. But in order to give your readers a little different take on things, try writing an interview article.

An interview article is one where you talk to someone about the product or service, ask them questions, and then write the article based on their answers.

One of the big advantages of this type of article is that you don’t have to be an expert on the subject — you just have to find someone who is. In essence, you’re piggy-backing on someone else’s knowledge. For normal article writing I recommend that you stick with subjects about which you have some personal knowledge. Otherwise you’re doing a disservice to your readers by giving them information that’s wrong or very shallow.

The interview article is the exception to that rule — and it opens up so many markets that you might be shut out of otherwise.

You might be thinking it’s hard to find an expert, but you don’t have to go to the top of the pile — if you’re doing articles on golf you don’t have to interview Tiger Woods or Vijay Singh. (Of course, if you have the opportunity, go for it!)

Instead, the golf pro at the local course or country club knows more about golf than most people — and someone like that is very approachable. Offer them lunch or a drink and that’s probably all it will take.

Hint: If you take lessons from someone like that they’re MUCH more likely to agree to an interview!

Here’s one of the coolest things about doing an interview article — when you interview someone you’re not going to ask them one question and be done — you’re going to quiz them for as long as you’re able. Which means you’re going to end up with enough raw content for several articles, not just one.

When you do get ready to write the article you’ll have to decide whether to write it as a Q&A (Question and Answer) piece or as a “regular” article. If you don’t do it as a Q&A piece I’d still suggest mentioning the informatiom came from a conversation with John Doe, Golf Pro at the XYZ Club. That will add credibility to the article.

No matter whether you’re interviewing a local dog trainer, an organic gardener, or a competitive martial artist, writing an interview article is a great way to get free traffic in a niche where you’re merely an observer.

Internet Marketing

New Flycatcher Video

Just posted a new Sonic Flycatcher video for those people who’ve never seen it:

It’s only about 3 minutes in length and might give you some good ideas — take a look!

Article Marketing

Article Marketing on Steroids – Profiting From Special Reports

If you’re using article marketing to drive free traffic to your web site you’re probably very close to having your own digital product you can sell online.

What kind of product? Special reports that are about 7-15 pages in size. Small enough to be put together more quickly than you might think, but large enough to create value that people will pay for. If you have 10-12 articles written on a specific topic you can easily put them together and have a special report done in no time.

Easily Creating Your Reports

A typical article is probably about a page in length. The easiest way to create a report is to gather 7-15 articles that are similar in topic and put them together — voila, you have a report!

Of course, sometimes it’s good to have a section of the report that’s longer than a page — and you also want to make sure the report doesn’t “feel” disjointed. So look for a couple articles that fit together especially well and tweak the end of one and the beginning of the next to turn them into one longer article.

In fact, if you take a little time and do that with each article, you’ll end up with a much better report — one that flows rather than jumps around.

Making Money Using Free Reports

This is similar to article marketing in that you give some information on how to solve a problem and then promote a product that can make the process faster and/or easier.

Where it differs from article marketing is in the promotion of the product. Articles that are submitted to directories usually have to have a rather passive pitch or they’ll be rejected. But in a report that you are going to distribute you can be as blatant as you want.

Just remember, if you’re all pitch and no info you won’t be making a very good impression on the reader. Be sure you balance the info with the pitch.

Although there’s not a hard-and-fast rule, special reports that you give away usually contain more affiliate links than a report that you sell. The paid reports also usually contain more hard-core information.

Making Money Selling Reports

Probably the most basic way to make money with a report is to put up a sales page and a PayPal button. If the info product is decent you’ll make some sales — maybe a lot of sales. And you can use articles or free reports to drive traffic to that sales letter.

You can also use the report as a “foundation” for a larger info product — add some screencast videos, some interviews, checklists, etc., and you have the makings of a full-blown information product that could be promoted with affiliates, joint ventures, etc.

Building Your List With Reports

This one is for the person who’s more patient, who sees the big picture, or who isn’t desperate for money right this minute.

Saying “Pretty please!” just isn’t enough these days to get people to join your list — you need to give them a solid reason to give up their email address. A special report written to solve a problem they have is a great enticement.

Building a larger list of prospects is something that should always be “front of mind” and the reports you put together can be instrumental in helping to build that list.

There you go — three solid ways you can use small reports to make money and build your list. And just think, it all started with writing simple little articles!

Internet Marketing

Quick Tip For Your Links

If you’ve been around me for more than a few minutes you probably already know I’m a big proponent of cloaking your links.

Not necessarily to slow down link-hijackers — that’s just a fringe benefit. The main reason is so you can know where your traffic is coming from.

Plus, by cloaking your links you are able to change the redirect (where the link sends the person who clicked) at the drop of a hat. Why would you want to do that? Let me give you a real-world example.

I like to promote products and services that have an affiliate program, but if the “best” option doesn’t have one, I’m not going to promote the second choice just so I can make a commission.

NameCheap, for example, is where I register all my new domain names. They don’t have an affiliate program so I make nothing by promoting them, but I think they’re the best.

However, I still cloak the link when I promote them because one day they may start an affiliate program and all I have to do to capitalize on all the links I’ve used for them is to change the redirect to use my new affiliate link.

Voila! Instant affiliate links — in all the forum posts, blogs, articles, ebooks, special reports — everywhere that I’ve promoted NameCheap.

Today I found out my link to HostGator (my absolute favorite web site hosting provider) was not working because of a problem with my Commission Junction account. I still don’t know what that problem is, but in about 15 seconds I had the HostGator-generated affiliate link in place — so all the links out there are once again going to HostGator via my affiliate link.

If you’re not cloaking ALL your links you’re in danger of losing a lot of money. And don’t rely on a 3rd-party link cloaker such as or tinyurl — you need something YOU control. Those other guys could go out of business at any time and then your links are toast.

The best all-around link cloaker/tracker on the market is my Sonic Sneak. It’s web-based so you can use it from any location, even when you’re on the road without your laptop. Second choice is my Cloak and Tracker software which runs on Windows and Mac.

Whichever one you like, get one and put it in place right away. Cloak your links starting today and you don’t have to worry what happens down the road — you can change the destination for all your links in the blink of an eye.