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A Quick Tip for Teleseminars and Webinars

Everybody involved in ecommerce or internet marketing knows that reusing content is a smart thing to do, and while I pride myself on recycling my material in many different ways, one unique way to do that escaped me until just recently.

Before doing a teleseminar about link redirecting for ad tracking purposes, I solicited questions from the people who had pre-registered for the call. The day before the call I wrote out my answers — not so I could read them out loud during the teleseminar, but to make sure I covered everything needed.

As I was writing it all down, I realized I could take one or more of my answers, tweak them just slightly, and turn them into articles that could then be used by ezines or article directories to help drive traffic to my site, and/or by my affiliates as a way to promote my Sonic Sneak tracking software.

Many times I don’t write down what I’m going to say on a teleconference, I just go with a list of bullet points and wing it. But even in those cases where you don’t write out the answers, it’ll be worth the cost to hire someone to transcribe a recoding of the call later in order to have more content to use at a later time.

If you do webinars, conference calls, or teleseminars, keep that thought in the back of your mind — if your answers are good enough for people to listen to, they’re good enough for people to read. Start keeping an eye out for different ways to reuse everything you write — or speak.

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