If you have the time available and the knowledge about a topic I encourage you to write your own articles for the purposes of article marketing. By doing that you can strictly control the information that's published in your name and at the same time you gain experience in writing that will help you in the future.

But in some cases it's just not possible to write all the content you require, and that's when it's time to outsource your writing. Following are three steps to follow to make sure you get what you need.

1. Choose a writer. You have a decision to make right off the bat -- are you going to work with someone who is local or remote? If local, you can probably find who you need by placing an ad in Craigslist or checking out the journalism or English department of your nearest college. If you're going with someone remotely, using services such as elance.com or rentacoder.com will put you in touch with freelance writers.

In any case, local or remote, be sure and ask for samples of their writing. Just assuming they can write because they're looking for writing jobs is a big mistake.

Be sure and give your writer clear instructions on what you want: the topic, the minimum word count, and the format for delivery (text, Word doc file, PDF, etc.).

2. Check the delivered articles. After the content has been delivered, make sure it matches your specifications. Here are some things to check:

Some of those are subjective, for example, you'll have to decide whether there's value in the article based on your experience, while others on that list are objective, such as spelling.

3. Decide where the article will be submitted. This depends entirely on your reason for having the article written. If you're posting to your blog and/or submitting the article to online article directories, you can outsource that task as well. If you're trying to get the article published as a guest blog post, or as an exclusive in an ezine or newsletter, you'll probably want to handle that yourself.

When you've been successful in having one or more articles written by someone else, decide whether you'd like to continue hiring that person. Working with someone you already have a relationship with is usually much easier than always looking for someone new.


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