No matter whether you're trying to...

...create dynamic links in ebooks and info products...

...protect your affiliate commissions...

...or track your advertising...

...a link cloaker can do the job. Some people think cloaking links is unethical because you're hiding the real destination of the link, but that's not why I think it makes good business sense to use it.

In fact, in many cases if you don't cloak your links you're being very foolish -- from a business standpoint. Let me give you my reasons for saying that and you can decide for yourself.

1. A Cloaked Link Is A Dynamic Link

It's common sense that after you sell someone an ebook you can't change the contents -- what they download is what they're stuck with.

In most cases that's fine, but what happens if you have a dog training ebook and inside you promote a training device with an affiliate link. When someone reads the ebook and clicks the link, you can make a commission. That's standard affiliate marketing.

But what happens if the training device company goes out of business, or maybe just changes their affiliate software so you need to use new links?

Yikes! You're stuck because you have no way to change the links in the ebooks already sold. Which means every time someone clicks that *dead* link you get nothing!

No commission for you!

But what if there was a way to change that link inside the ebook -- any time you wanted?

That's a dynamic link. People click on the link, but YOU control where that click takes them! And you can change the destination whenever you want!

It's a hard and fast rule among expert internet marketers...

Never use a direct link in an ebook!

Sites go dead, affiliate programs change, and if you have a direct link in an ebook you're going to start losing money -- probably sooner rather than later.

Here's how a dynamic link works -- in the link cloaking software you create a new dynamic link and tell the software where the person should end up whenever they click the link -- that's where you put in your normal affiliate link.

Now, you take that dynamic link, it will look like this:

...and paste that in your ebook. When someone clicks that link it will go to your domain and the link cloaking software will look up the real destination and redirect the user to that page (using your affiliate link).

The user clicks and gets to a page.

So what? Isn't that what happen with a link that's not cloaked?

Here's the difference -- if you decide that Acme Dog Leashes has a better affiliate program, you can CHANGE the destination of that link to point to the new site.

The link in the ebook stays the same, only the destination changes whenever you decide!

That means your ebook will contain links that will NEVER die -- eternal links that will work for as long as you're in business!

And there's even better news -- cloaked links can show you how to tell which of your ebooks are bringing in the most clicks.

2. Tracking Your Dynamic Links

Putting out one ebook in a given niche is normal, but most expert marketers are a little more productive (which is how they get to be experts without going broke).

Let's say you put out an ebook, a special report, and a mini-course with resell rights. In each one you could be promoting a certain product using dynamic links.

That's good, but this is better...

After you generate a dynamic link, you can add a "tracking token" to the end of it (all professional link cloaking software allows you to add tracking tokens to a link). Here are three examples:

Yeah, I know those look like "normal" links, but they're all links that lead to the "magicleash" destination. Remember, your link cloaking software allows you to set the final destination for each link.

What's cool is that the endings, which look like they lead to three different web pages, are actually tracking tokens!

Whenever a dynamic link is clicked on, the tracking token is recorded and at any time you can check your link stats and see which links are being clicked on!

Now you know which of your products, ebook, report, or mini-course is bringing in the traffic. And knowledge like that can help you make more sales because now you know where to spend your time!

3. The Folly of a Spoken Link

Here's the final huge benefit to using cloaked links. It has to do with spoken URLs.

If you're doing a podcast, or any other kind of audio product, can you even imagine rattling off a typical affiliate link -- and expect anyone to get it?

"Slash, question mark, af=1234, ampersand..."

It ain't gonna happen!

But what if you're being interviewed on a podcast or radio show and you want to give out a URL. It's going to be a lot easier to say...


People could actually remember something like that! And on the back-end, of course, your link cloaking software redirects the person to that gnarly affiliate link!

There you have it, three big reasons to cloak your links:

1. The destination for cloaked links can be changed at any time.
2. You can track where your traffic comes from with cloaked links.
3. Cloaked links are easier to hear and read.

My internet marketing business is much easier to run since I switched over to cloaked links. And being able to track where my clicks are coming from gives me a huge advantage over my competitors who don't track that data.

Get link cloaking software and start using it in your marketing business -- you'll see the benefits right away!


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